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John Earl Medlock born March 4 1828 SC. John married Martha Ann Gambrell April

5 1849 Pontotoc Co MS. John died Jan 23 1872, Martha married 2nd Brazil McCord.


1850 MEDLOCK JOHN Pontotoc County MS (family #613)

John Medlock 21 MW Farmer SC  

Martha       19 FW        SC


1870 MEDLOCK JOHN Pontotoc Co MS Cherry Creek 238B
John Medlock 43 MW SC Farmer, v.R/E,700,v.pers $426
Martha       41 FW SC Keeping house
William      17 MW MS
Linnie       13 FW MS
Emily        12 FW MS
Martha       11 FW MS
Mary          8 FW MS
Margaret      6 FW MS
John          2 MW MS


1880 MARGARET MEDLOCK Pontotoc County MS District 1 13B
Bazil McCord     Head  MW 69 M   GA GA GA Farmer
Martha Ann       Wife  FW 50 M   SC SC SC   Keeps house
Elizabeth        Dau   FW 33 S   GA GA GA
William          Son   MW 23 S   GA GA GA  Farmer
Margaret Medlock S/Dau FW 15 S   MS SC SC
Albert Medlock   S/Son MW 11 S   MS SC SC




  1 WILLIAM G MEDLOCK born May 1853 Pontotoc Co MS William married Sarah Brandon

    Aug 15 1875 Pontotoc Co MS.


    1880 MURDOCK WILLIAM Pontotoc Co MS 26

    William Murdock Head   WM 27 M   MS SC SC SC Farmer

    Sarah           Wife   WF 29 M   MS

    Ida Alice       Dau    WF  3 S   MS MS MS

    George          Son    WM  1 S   MS MS MS

    Martha A        Dau    WF 6/12 S MS MS MS

    Mary E          Sister WF 17 S   MS SC SC


    1900 MEDLOCK BILLY Pontotoc Co MS Beat 1 22
    Billy Medlock Head WM May 1853 47 Wd MS SC SC Farmer
    George        Son  WM Jun 1879 21 S  MS MS MS
    Martha        Dau  WF May 1880 20 S  MS MS MS
    Mary          Dau  WF Feb 1882 18 S  MS MS MS
    Willie        Son  WM Jan 1883 17 S  MS MS MS
    May           Dau  WF Feb 1888 12 S  MS MS MS


    1910 MEDLOCK W J Pontotoc Co MS Dist 101 16
    W J Medlock  Head WM 57 Wd MS SC SC Farmer
    George       Son  WM 30 S  MS MS MS
    M A          Dau  WF 28 S  MS MS MS
    M E          Dau  WF 27 S  MS MS MS
    May D        Dau  WF 22 S  MS MS MS


    Children of William and Sarah:


    1 George Medlock born March 4 1879 MS. George registered for the World War I

      Draft on Sept 12 1918 from Pontotoc Co MS. George was tall with a stout

      build with blue eyes and black hair. George named W A Medlock as his next

      of kin.


      1920 MEDLOCK GEORGE Pontotoc Co MS Dist 105 12
      George Medlock Head   WM 40 S  MS MS MS Farmer
      Mattie         Sister WF 39 S  MS MS MS


      1930 MEDLOCK GEORGE Pontotoc Co MS Beat 4 150

      George Medlock Head   WM 57 S MS MS MS Farmer

      Mattie A       Sister WF 49 S MS MS MS  


    2 Martha A Medlock born May 1880 MS


    3 Mary E Medlock born Feb 1882 MS


    4 William Medlock born Jan 1883 MS


    5 May D Medlock born Feb 1888 MS


  2 LENNIE MEDLOCK born 1857 Pontotoc Co MS. Lennie married Richard Dickson Caldwell

          Aug 24 1873 Pontotoc Co MS


    1880 CALDWELL RICHARD Pontotoc Co MS 15b

    Richard Caldwell Head WM 23 M MS SC SC Farmer

    Linny            Wife WF 24 M MS SC SC

    Minnie           Dau  WF  5 S MS MS MS

    Edney            Dau  WF  4 S MS MS MS

    William          Son  WM  1 S MS MS MS


 3 EMILY MEDLOCK born 1858 Pontotoc Co MS. Emily married R W Gaines Dec 21 1873

   Pontotoc Co MS


 4 MARTHA A MEDLOCK born 1859 Pontotoc Co MS. Martha married Thomas Gaines Jan 17

   1878 Pontotoc Co MS.


   1880 GAINES THOMAS Pontotoc Co MS 3b

   Thomas Gaines Head WM 21 M   MS SC SC Farmer

   Martha A      Wife WF 19 S   MS SC SC

   John          Son  WM 8/10 S MS MS MS


 5 MARY MEDLOCK born Aug 1863 Pontotoc Co MS. Mary married William McCord


   1900 MCCORD WILLIAM Pontotoc Co MS 22a

   William McCord   Head WM Mar 1856 44 M 20 yrs GA GA GA Farmer

   Mary             Wife WF Aug 1863 36 M   8/8  MS SC SC

   Bazil            Son  WM May 1882 18 S        MS GA MS

   Cora             Dau  WF May 1884 16 S        MS GA MS

   Simon            Son  WM Oct 1886 13 S        MS GA MS

   Willie           Son  WM May 1890 10 S        MS GA MS

   Mary             Dau  WF Apr 1892  8 S        MS GA MS

   Bob              Son  WM Jan 1895  5 S        MS GA MS

   Sam              Son  WM Feb 1896  4 S        MS GA MS

   Callie           Dau  WF Jun 1898  2 S        MS GA MS

   Ellen Hazl/Hoyl? Aunt WF Apr 1824 76 Wd       GA GA GA


   1910 MCCORD WILLIAM Pontotoc Co MS 11b

   William McCord Head WM 54 M 32 yrs GA GA GA Farmer

   Mary           Wife WF 45 M 9/9    MS SC SC

   Willis         Son  WM 19 S        MS GA MS

   Mary           Dau  WF 17 S        MS GA MS

   Robert         Son  WM 14 S        MS GA MS

   Sam            Son  WM 12 S        MS GA MS

   Callie         Dau  WF  9 S        MS GA MS

   Alma           Dau  WF  7 S        MS GA MS


 6 MARGARET MEDLOCK born 1864 Pontotoc Co MS.


 7 JOHN ALBERT MEDLOCK born Jan 12 1869 Pontotoc Co MS. John married Sarah Ann

   Dillard Dec 28 1890 Pontotoc Co MS. John died Sept 9 1955, Anna died March 5

   1959, both are buried in the Alfalfa Cemetery, Caddo Co OK.


   1910 MEDLOCK JOHN A Garvin County OK  234B  
   John A Medlock  Head WM 41 M 19 yrs MS US SC Farmer
   Puna            Wife WF 38 M  10-10 MS SC SC
   Earl J          Son  WM 18 S        MS MS MS
   Eugene          Son  WM 16 S        MS MS MS
   Homer T         Son  WM 14 S        TX MS MS
   Buford          Son  WM 13 S        TX MS MS
   Bessie          Dau  WF 11 S        TX MS MS
   Anna            Dau  WF  9 S        OK MS MS
   Ida             Dau  WF  7 S        OK MS MS
   Fredrick        Son  WM  5  S       OK MS MS
   Albert          Son  WM  2  S       OK MS MS
   Floyd           Son  WM ?/12 S      OK MS MS


   1920 MEDLOCK JOHN A Washita Co OK Oakdale Twp 6
   John A Medlock Head WM 51 M MS SC SC Farmer
   Sarah A        Wife WF 48 M MS SC SC
   Bessie G       Dau  WF 21 S TX MS MS
   Ida            Dau  WF 16 S OK MS MS
   Fred           Son  WM 14 S OK MS MS
   Albert         Son  WM 12 S OK MS MS
   Floyd          Son  WM 10 S OK MS MS
   Theodore       Son  WM  8 S OK MS MS


   1930 MEADLOCK JOHN A Caddo Co OK Swan Lake 215

   John A Meadlock Head WM 60 M 22 age married MS US SC Farmer

   Anna S          Wife WF 58 M 20             MS SC SC

   Floyd           Son  WM 20 S                OK MS MS

   Theodore        Son  WM 18 S                OK MS MS


   Caddo County, Oklahoma - ALFALFA CEMETERY

   Medlock, Anna     08 Nov 1871   05 Mar 1959   MW-R 8

   Medlock, John A.  12 Jan 1869   09 Sep 1955   MW-R 8

   Medlock, Homer T. 09 Jun 1895   24 Apr 1923   MW-R 8


   Children of John and Sarah:


   1 James Earl Medlock born Oct 7 1891 Tupelo MS.  James married Maud Black March

     19 1913 Garvin Co OK. James registered for World War I Draft from Caddo Co OK.

     His wife and child was listed as next of Kin.


     Medlock, J.E., 21 of Garvin County

     Black, Maud, 19 of Garvin County

     Mar 19, 1913

     Brides Home

     W.U. Goodwin, Church of Christ Minister at Stratford

     Pg 304, Lula Shields & Terry Okeef, both of Stratford


     1920 MEDLOCK JAMES E Washita Co OK Seger Twp 5
     James E Medlock Head WM 28 M   MS MS MS Mail Carrier
     Mollie A        Wife WF 24 M   OK TX TX
     Ila M           Dau  WF  5 S   OK MS OK
     Barbara H       Dau  WF 6/12 S OK MS OK


     1930 MEDLOCK JAMES E Comanche Co OK Faxon 60

     James E Medlock Head WM 38 M 21 age married MS MS MS Mail Carrier

     Maude A         Wife WF 34 M 17             OK TX TX

     Ola M           Dau  WF 16 S                OK MS OK

     Barbara H       Dau  WF 10 S                OK MS OK

     Ethel G         Dau  WF  8 S                OK MS OK

     Bonnie L        Dau  WF 7/12 S              OK MS OK


    2 Eugene Medlock  born July 20 1894 Pontotoc Co MS. Eugene married 1st Hattie

    Kennedy July 27 1913 Garvin Co OK. 2nd Clara Lovell Nov 30 1916 Caddo Co OK.

    Eugene registered for World War I Draft on June 5 1917 from Caddo Co OK.

    Eugene stated he had a wife and that he was of medium height and medium build

    with blue eyes and brown hair. 


    Medlock, Eugene, 21 of Stratford

    Kennedy, Hattie, 18 of Stratford

    July 27, 1913

    Beard Farm

    Walter Beard, Justice of the Peace in Walker Township

    Pg 387, L.B. Giddens & Eric Beard, both of Wynnewood


         1920 MEDLOCK EUGENE Washita Co OK Oakdale Two 6
    Eugene Medlock Head WM 26 M MS MS MS Farmer
    Clara A        Wife WF 18 M OK AR TN


    1930 MEDLOCK EUGENE Creek Co OK Tiger 110

    Eugene Medlock Head WM 36 M 23 age married MS MS MS Oil Field

    Clara          Wife WF 28 M 15             OK AR TN

    Margarita      Dau  WF  9 S                OK MS OK

    Maud Fern      Dau  WF  7 S                OK MS OK


   3 Homer T Medlock born June 9 1893 TX  Homer registered for World War I Draft on

    June 5 1917 from Caddo Co OK. Stated he had a wife and was of medium build with

    brown hair and brown eyes. Homer died April 24 1923 and was buried in the Alfalfa

    Cemetery Caddo Co OK.

    1920 MEDLOCK HOMER T Caddo Co OK Swan Lake Twp 15
    Homer T Medlock Head WM 24 M   TX MS MS Farmer
    Hollis          Wife WF 19 M   OK US US
    Ollie           Dau  WF  2 S   OK TX OK
    Alene           Dau  WF 4/12 S OK TX OK


    4 Buford Medlock Dec 6 1896 TX. Buford married Susie? Buford died Feb 22 1985 CA


    1930 MEDLOCK BUFORD San Bernardino Co CA Highland 67

    Buford Medlock Head WM 33 M 31 age married TX MS MS Pipe Fitter Gas Co.

    Susie          Wife WF 22 M 20             OK AL TX

    Jewell         Dau  WF  7/12 S             TX TX OK


 5 Bessie G Medlock 1899 TX.


 6 Anna Medlock born 1901 OK. Anna married Oscar Taylor 04 Sep 1919 Caddo Co OK.


 7 Ida Medlock born 1903 OK.


 8 Fredrick Medlock born April 9 1905 OK. Fredrick died Nov 5 1993 CA


 9 Albert Medlock born 1907 OK. Albert married Julia? Julie died Sept 13 1978 San

   Diego Co CA.


   1930 MEDLOCK ALBERT San Francisco Co CA San Francisco 4B

   Albert Medlock Head WM 22 M (20) OK MS MS Elevator Op. Hotel

   Julia          Wife WF 20 M (19) WA IL IL Telegrapher


10 Floyd Medlock born Nov 20 1909 OK. Floyd died July 12 1974 CA


11 Theodore Medlock born 1912 OK.


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