"South Carolina Deed Abstracts" by Langley Vol 1 June 9 & 10; page 320

and 330 Book  -  S -   page 313 & 314
Thomas Maddocks was witness to a Bond and a Lease and Release of Mortgage

between William Simpson,  Daniel and Thomas Laroche. Thomas Maddocks,

mariner, to Samuel Jennings, mariner, both of Craven Country for 400lbs.

SC money-400 acres in Kingston Township on Waccama bounding on Joseph

Holder, Samuel Jennings. Granted by the king to Maddocks 3 Feb 1737 and

signed by Bull. Wit: Thomas Jennings, James Craddock. Thomas LaRoche,

JP. Robert Austin Register.

"Petitions for Land From South Carolina Council Journals" by Brent Holcomb,

Vol: VI  page 199 -  Meeting of Tuesday Sept. 6, 1768 pages 233-239.

Warrants of Survey and Certifying Platts read: Steven Matlock 100 acres

waters of Santee. Page 239 of same book by Holcomb—Meeting of Tuesday!

August 1769 to Certify Platts:  Stephan Mattocks 100 acres in Craven


"Colonial Plats SC" Vol 9 page 419 -  2 May 1769
Stephen Medlock mentioned. In Survey done for John Dobbins for 200 acres on

Granie’s Quarter Creek, the waters of Wateree in Craven County bounded by

lands laid out for David Mathis and Stephen Medlock and Edward Miskelly and

other sides vacant. Certified 8 May 1769 , John Belton D. L. Nov 3 1772

Stephen Medlock deed to Daniel McMullen 85 acres on branch of Grannys Quarter

Creek, north side of Wateree River in Craven Co., bounded Stephen Matlocks,

Sam'l. Milhous,  Dated 26 January 1773.

"Deed Abstracts 1773-1778" by Brent Holcomb page 102 Book N-4, page 338-343;

6-7 June 1774: Lease and Release: John Fields of Craven County to Samuel

Milhous for 250SC money, 100 acres (Part 200 acres granted to John Fields 18

May 1771 Craven County on east side of Wateree River on southside of Grannies

Quarter Creek adj land granted to Edward Kelly, land surveyed for William

McKee, land which John Fields sold to John Philfer, land surveyed for Hugh

Thompson). John and Sarah Fields signed the deed. Witnesses: Stephen Matlock,

William Matlock, and Daniel McMullen. Proved 7 July 1774 before John Newman

Oglethorpe- J.P. of Camden Distinct-by the oath of Daniel McMullen. Recorded

15 January 1775.

1775 - “South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1773-1778” Abstracted By Brent H. Holcomb

Book Pg. 109 O-4, 149-155:  Lease & release, 23 & 24 Aug 1774, Abel Thomas of

St. Marks Parish, Craven County, SC, planter, and Mary his wife, to John Milhous

of Parish of St. Bartholomew in Colleton County, Millright, for 855 pd SC money,

150 acres on Granies Quarter Creek in St. Marks Parish, Craven County adj land

granted to John Dobbins, David Jordan, John Riddle, George Gantter, land surveyed

for Charles Elliott Esqr., said tract of 150 acres granted to Daniel Mathews 1

June 1767. Abel Thomas (LS), Mary Thomas (+) (LS), Wit:  Stephen MATLOCK, Isaac

Thomas, Daniel McMullan. Proved 1 Sept 1775 before John N. Oglethorp, Esqr., J.P.

in Camden District, by the oath of Stephen MATLOCK. Recorded 13 Jan 1775

1775 - “South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1773-1778” Abstracted By Brent H. Holcomb

Book Pg 119 P-4 43-47:  Lease & release. 28 & 29 Dec 1774, Edward Miskelly of

Camden, SC, Cooper, to Samuel Milhous of Craven County, planter, for 100 pd SC

money, 100 acres granted to Edward Miskelly 13 May 1768 on a branch of Granny’s

Quarter Creek called Cedar Branch.  Edward Miskelly (LS), Wit: John Chesnut,

Stephen MATLOCK, John Wyly.  Proved 2 Jan 1775 before Thomas Charlton, Esqr., in

Camden District by the oath of John Chesnut. Recorded 13 March 1775


17 July 1784 South Carolina Archives Plat Certified for William Matlack in 96th

District above Old Indian Line 640 acres headwaters of Wilson’s Creek of Rocky

River. Deed says he purchased for 64 pounds sterling . John Kerr land adjoining

and all other sides vacant. Granted by Gov. Benj. Guerard on Jan 21 1785

17 August 1785 Jacob Morris, journeyman hatter, to John Kerr of Charleston, 300

acres on Saluda River 96th Dist. Granted 1 August 1785. Witness: William Matlock

and May Jolly.


"Land Grants in SC"
Matlack, Wm. –50-Vol 3, LG 1785
Matlock, Wm.-290-Vol 4, LG 1785
Mattock, McKinzey –514, Vol 17, LG 1787

Vol. 18,  page 63   5 Feb 1787
Samuel Medlock--237 acres--north side of South Edisto River-Edgefield

Vol. 53,   page 453  1 June 1807
Samuel Medlock, Jr. 255 acres surveyed Dec 14, 1804.
Situate in Edgefield District on Medlock Branch Waters of Richardson's Creek

and South Edisto River. Bounded on John Frederick and Samuel Medlock's land.

Vol. 51, page 350  May 6, 1805.
Samuel Medlock, Sr.--350 acres surveyed for him Dec 13, 1804. Situate in Edgefield

District, Holyard Branch waters of Shaw's Creek, waters of South Edisto River.

Bounded on Bland’s lands and Samuel Medlock's lands.

Vol. 53,  page 610.  Sept 4, 1809
Moses Medlock, Sr.--217 acres surveyed for Samuel Medlock Aug 22, 1808. Edgefield

District headwaters of Cloud's Creek waters of Saluda River--bound by Starkes,

Stanmore Butler, Smith, and Pitts. 4 Jan 1805 Charles Medlock Estate Box #42 Pkg

# 1712 Edgefield Dist SC  - Sarah Medlock applied for adm. Eziekeal McClendon and

F Swearingen and Sarah Medlock were sureties. John Simpkins , OED. All creditors

notified to send bill before next court in March. Appraisal before March 1 1805 .

Appraisers: William Nobles, Ethan---- Thomas , Benjamin Darby Sr and William Harden.

7th Jan Darby and Nobles and Thomas appeared before Swearingen and signed .

Inventory filed Jan 8 1805. Recorded in Book B pages 240 and 241. Jan 10 1805

Citation filed. Request order of Sale of Estate Jan 7 1805. At sale Creditors given

12 months to pay from Feb ? 1805  Buyers: Stephen Medlock , Sarah Medlock, Moses

Medlock Phinias Sutton, Morgan Murrah, Samuel Medlock Jr,  William Bush, Davis

Frederick, Samuel Medlock Sr, Joseph Jones, John Prize, Ezekial Bunship, Job Glover,

Jonas Jenkins, Prescot Bush, William Swearingen, John Holmes, Russell Robertson,

John Kent, Benjamin Jones, John Holmes Sr. Census shows Charles under 26 and the

same for Sarah.

1835 Nov 30 Edgefield County Box 19 Pkg 679  - Stephen Medlock.  Return and Settlement

of Estate of Stephen Medlock, Dec’d. John Gomillion, Adm. Stephen died Jan 14 1834.
Return on Estate for 1834 and 1835. John Bauskitt , Att’y. Distributees: Milly- widow

and 8 children: Van Medlock, Rachael Medlock, Samuel Medlock, Sophia Medlock, married J

ohn McVoy, Ellen Medlock, married Wilson Whatley, Martha Medlock married Brinton

McClendon, Moses Medlock ( Died 25 Sept 1831 and left 2 sons George and Martin who each

received ½  of their fathers share), Zilpha Medlock.


29 October 1786 Greenville Deeds pages 151 and 152 Thomas Lewis of Greenville County

to John Matlock of same for 100 pounds sterling 350 acres on Mountain Creek of Saluda


1836/1837 Book S Pg 329 Reubin Medlock bought from George French 113 ac on Mountain


1837 Oct 23 Book S Pg 237 John Medlock sold Reubin Medlock 87 ac on Mountain Creek.

1837-51 Book W Page 225 Rueben Medlock sold 19 ac to Nathaniel Gains

1838-39 Book T pg 27 Reuben Medlock sold to Joseph McCullough 94 acres on Mountain

Creek. Reuben Medlock’s wife named Amy.

1836/1837 Book S page 328 Greenville County John Medlock bought 90 acres on Mountain

Creek from George French

1837 Oct 23 Book S Pg 237 John Medlock sold Reubin Medlock 87 ac on Mountain Creek.

1839 March 14 Book T pg 26 John Medlock sold Joseph McCullough 29.89 acres on Mountain

Creek John’s wife was listed as Sophia.


1812 Oct 8  Laurens County SC Records  Plat Book B Samuel Nabors 216 acres on Line

Creek waters of Saluda River. Bound by lands of Robert Cresswell, said Samuel

Nabors, Old Indian Line, Nathaniel Matoks, Thomas Kinman, Cornelius Cargile, and

Benjamin Maduks.

1814 Sept 7 Sara Nash Abstracts of Laurens County Wills and Deeds Deed book K page

119:  9-17-1814 / 2-28-1816 James and Thomas Kinman to Nathaniel Matlock for $553 ,

276 acres on Line Creek and other branches of Saluda River, bound on Old Indian

Line, Samuel Nabors, said Thomas Kinman.

Laurens County Court of Equity Roll C-7
A James Medlock appears 1822 , 1823 and 1824

1832 Nov 24 Page 239 James Medlock buyer at Sale of William Clardy (* note Absolom

below was Guardian of William Clardys children) others were John Jones, Gabriel

South, Seaborn Jones, Silas Medlock, Charlie Jones, AC Jones Estate note on David


1835 Nov 11 Laurens District, Laurens County Deeds Vol N Pages 134-B 135-A Roll C-8  

John Knight to James Medlock 142 Acres for $710 on the south side of Beaverdam Creek

on waters of Saluda Rover.

1843 Dec. Laurens County Equity 1844 # 3 Bill Box 19 Elizabth Murph widow of  Randol

Murph sues for petition of land to be shared by all children. 1 tract was 250 acres

on waters of Saluda bound by land of John Knight and Mrs Sarah Medlock and others.

Value of tract set at $1095 settled on widow to pay or a lot to child which said

child was to have 2 years to pay. 2nd tract was valued at $547 to Minus Murph with 10

years to pay. Malachi, John P.,  Elizabeth , Washington and Margaret under 21. The

five appointed commissioners could not divide the property equally so this division

was their Decision. Commissioners were William Arnold, James Clardy, George French,

John Knight, William Duren? (Dunn)
Children of Elizabeth and Randolph Murph were:
Catherine Murph Married Silas Medlock – They lived on the Property
Wiley Murph
Malinda Murph Married Thomas West
Helena Murph Married Alfred Smith
Walderman Murph – Widower of Elizabeth Jane Medlock
Minus H Murph
Uriah M Murph
Malachia Murph
John P Murph
Elizabeth Murph
Washington Murph
Margaret Murph


Deed Book DD, page 64 Liberty Co., Ga. Elijah Lewis, planter, & Sallie, his wife of

Liberty Co., Ga. to John Duke and STEPHEN MATLOCK both of Orangeburgh Dist., SC.

Deed dated 22 Oct. 1799, conveying 687 1/2 acres in Liberty Co. granted grantor in

two grants, one of 287 1/2 granted him 1 July 1788 and lying on the Altamaha River

two miles below Oswell's Bluff, and the other being 4oo acres granted him 14 Jan.

1788 on said river bounded SW by Henry Wheeler. Witnesses: Samuel Lewis, Joseph

Austin, James McCullough, J.P.


21 April 1785 Pendleton County Deed  -  William Matlock, watchmaker, to David

Ramsey, physician, 640 acres in 96th Dist. above ancient Indian boundary at

head waters of Wilson’s Creek of the Rocky River and bound south by John Kerr.

Witnesses: George Wharley and George Munro. Surveyed by Patrick Calhoun

4 Feb 1799 Pendleton County Deeds 1780-1806 -  Patrick Moor sold to Hugh Moor

102 acres located on both sides of Woloney Creek. Witnesses were A. B. Matlock

and Bennit Moor. Absolam Matlock made oath to William Reid on July 3 1799.

No Date Given Pendleton County Deeds 1780-1806 -  John Kerr land was surveyed

by Patrick Calhoun . Land bounded by lands surveyed for William Mallock.

Witnesses were William Matlock and Jacob Morris. Book CCCC page 259 Recorded

Pendleton August 10th 1802.

"Pendleton County Deeds"
Page 371-372
1 Nov. 1803, Littleberry Matlock and Christian, his wife, of Granger (sic) Co.,

Tenn. To William Boling of the State of Kentucky, formerly of Pendleton Co.,

S.C. for £ 30 for 50 acres in Pendleton Co., on Dowdy’s Creek, bd. by David

Smith and Matlock. Signed: Little Berry (x) Matlock, Christian (x) Matlock.

Wit: Catharine (x) Michel, Major Lee. Catharine Mitchell made oath to Thomas

Hargis, J.P., 27 Dec. 1803. Rec: 30 Dec. 1803.

28 March 1796 Pendleton County Deeds 1780-1806 -  Berry Medlock to William

Bourland 50 acres part of a tract of land granted to John Kelly in 1786 and

conveyed to David Smith, then to Littleberry Matlock. Land located on

Dowdy’s Creek of the Saluda River and bound by Smith and Matlock.






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