CHARLES HUDSPETH born  NC. Charles married Elizabeth Glenn Feb 18 1788 Surry Co NC

Anna Ford's Page 2 of Alabama Hudspeth's
Charles Hudspeth married Elizabeth Glenn Feb.18, 1788 in Surry Co. N.C. daughter of

James and Patience Glenn. Elizabeth died Jan.1, 1842

Children: Charles, John C., Mary 1798-1862 married James Bourland, Martha b. ca 1804

married 1828 Robt. Edington, Amelia born 1798 married John Ederington, James Madison

born 1812, Lillie Ann and Sarah who married Wm. Pyron to San Antonio, Texas.

Overton County: Vol. B: Date 1801-1809
Overton Roll#33: Register of Deeds: Vol.: A-C  Sep 1801-1813 Tennessee State Library & Archives

3 Hudspeth Charles Overton I
18 Hudspeth Charles Overton I

Overton County: Vol. A: Date 1806-1809
Overton Roll#33: Register of Deeds: Vol.: A-C  Sep 1801-1813 Tennessee State Library & Archives

318 Hudspeth Charles Overton indenture


"We resume our old record publication. For the benefit of any new reader, we may say

that we began to publish the old records of the early meetings of the QUARTERLY COURT

OF SMITH COUNTY some weeks ago. We are doing this largely to help keep alive the deeds

of our very early people and particularly to preserve some of the places and names for

posterity. Some may not wish to read of these old events, but there is nothing to keep

such readers from passing them by. On the other hand we hope that many will be glad to

keep these old records and the places and persons mentioned in mind and memory. It

should be added that two copies of this paper are filed each week in the State Library

at Nashville to aid those doing research work in years to come....

" 'Ordered that Garrett Fitzgerald be appointed to take a list of the taxable property

for the Flynn’s Creek Malitia[sic] Company: CHARLES HUDSPETH, ESQUIRE, FOR THE OBED’S

RIVER AND THE ROARING RIVER COMPANY in settlement; William Walton be appointed for

Captain Vance’s Company; Thomas Harmond, for Captain Pate’s Company; Peter Turner,

Esquire for Peyton’s Creek Company; Tilman Dixon, Esquire, for Captain Bradley’s

Company; James Hibbetts, Esquire, for Captain Shaw’s Company; and James Gwinn,

Esquire, for Capt. Gwinn’s Company.' Such is the next item. We admit we do not

understand exactly what the above item means in full. We presume that some sort of

military organizations had to be maintained at all times, for protection against

Indians and lawlessness and that there had to be a tax levied for this purpose. If

any reader knows more on the subject than Cal does, let him enlighten us. From this

item we learn that our former surmising that Garrett Fitzgerald most probably lived

somewhere in Jackson or Clay County is most probably correct. SQUIRE HUDSPETH, whose

residence we did not know when we wrote the last previous installment, appears from

the above to have lived somewhere in the vicinity of ROARING RIVER WHICH ENTERS THE


"Tuesday, MARCH 18, 1800
" 'Court met according to adjournment, the following Gentlemen being present: viz:

Garrett Fitzgerald, CHARLES HUDSPETH, Tilman Dixon, Peter Turney, Esquires.' So reads

the opening, record for the second day of the second meeting of the Quarterly Court

on that March day 150 years ago. This meeting took place at the old two story house

still standing near Dixon Springs, and known as the old Seay place.


OF SMITH COUNTY in the long ago. The last session as we reported it, was held at Dixon

Springs, in the home of Tilman Dixon.  The Court had made an order some months before

this meeting to meet first at Dixon’s and then at Fort Blount. New readers will not

know perhaps where Fort Blount was located in 1801. It stood on the east bank of

Cumberland River just above the old town of Williamsburg, long since gone from the

earth.  Williamsburg stood in a bend of the Cumberland River just above where Salt

Lick Creek empties into the Cumberland. There are still a few signs of the old town. 

The town was the first county seat of Jackson County which was formed in 1805, we

believe.  The old log jail still stands, and there are some old odd-sized and very

large bricks still to be seen.  We do not know in what year Williamsburg ceased to be

the county seat.  We presume it was named for Sampson Williams, first County Court

Clerk of Smith County, who lived nearby.  The session we are now beginning to report

was held at Fort Blount beginning on Monday, June 15, 1801.  The items in quotation

marks are direct quotations from the records of the Court.

" 'Fort Blount, Monday, JUNE 15, 1801. Court met according to adjournment.  Members

present:  James Hibbetts, James Gwin and CHARLES HUDSPETH; Esquires.'  Here we see

the Court starting with only three of the members present.  James Hibbetts lived not

many miles south of Lafayette.  We do not know where James Gwin lived, but CHARLES

HUDSPETH lived somewhere in the present Jackson or Clay County.

"The list comes from Roll 5, Tennessee State Archives. The first number is the NP and

the last number is the number of Acres. List of Taxables and Taxable Property in ...

"CAPT. LOWERY'S District ...
"Charles Hudspeth 1[poll] -140 [acres]


1805 Pg 53 Indenture made 4 June 1805 between Sampson Williams of Smith County TN

and Peter Petree of Jackson Co TN. Williams received $500 from Petree for 300 acres

situated in Jackson Co TN on Mill Creek on a creek below said Petree’s near old Mr

Roden’s line Signed S Williams…Witness: Charles Hudspath and Daniel Brown. Proven in

open court at the April term, 1807 Overton County. B Totten, Clerk. (Overton County

TN, Abstracts of Register of Deeds Book A, Aug 1806-Dec 1808 Abstracted, Indexed and

Typed by Vonnie Looper Munnerlyn Copyright Aug 5 2000)


1807 Pg 289 Indenture made 14 Aug 1807 between Absolom Holeman and Charles Moore,

both of Overton County. Holeman received $300 from Moore for 27 acres of land in

Overton County on the Obeds River beginning on the north bank of said river. Signed

Absolom Holeman Witness: Charles Hudspeth and Michael Dailey. Proven in open court

at the February term, 1808 Overton County. B Totten, Clerk. Registered and examined

28 April 1808 (Overton County TN, Abstracts of Register of Deeds Book A, Aug 1806-Dec

1808 Abstracted, Indexed and Typed by Vonnie Looper Munnerlyn Copyright Aug 5 2000)


1807 Pg 340 Indenture made 29 June 1807 between Charles Hudspeth and Andrew Phillips,

both of Overton County. Hudspeth received $200 from Phillips for 52 acres in Overton

County on the corner of Sampson Williams’ old preemption running south to Obeds River.

Signed Chas. Hudspeth Witness: John Sprowel, T H Paine, John Chism, and Joseph Bennett.

Proven in open court at the August session, 1808 Overton County. Registered and

examined 20 August 1808(Overton County TN, Abstracts of Register of Deeds Book A,

Aug 1806-Dec 1808 Abstracted, Indexed and Typed by Vonnie Looper Munnerlyn

Copyright Aug 5 2000)


1807/1809Pg 2 Indenture made 25 July 1807 Charles Hudspeth and Charles Moore, both of

Overton County. Hudspeth received $400 from Moore for 200 acres in Overton beginning

at Absaloms Holeman’s corner. Signed Charles Hudspeth Witness: Absolom Holeman, Andrew

Phillips, and Levin Savage Proven in open court at the February Term, 1809 Overton

County. B Totten, Clerk ..Registered in Overton County on 1 March 1809.(Overton County

TN, Abstracts of Register of Deeds Book B, Aug 1809-July 1817 Abstracted, Indexed and

Typed by Vonnie Looper Munnerlyn Copyright Sept 20 2000)


1809 Pg 16  Indentured made 12 April 1809 between Charles Hudspeth of Overton County

and Leonard Davis of Surry County NC. Hudspeth received $2500 from Davis for 443 acres

in Overton County on the lower side of Obeds River including the plantation and

improvements where said Hudspeth now lives, being part of a preemption of 640 acres to

Sampson Williams. Signed Charles Hudspeth Witness: John Chisum and S Williams. Proven

in open court at the May Term, 1809 Overton County. B Totten, Clerk ..Registered in

Overton County on 29 May 1809.(Overton County TN, Abstracts of Register of Deeds Book

B, Aug 1809-July 1817 Abstracted, Indexed and Typed by Vonnie Looper Munnerlyn

Copyright Sept 20 2000)

1813 MS Early Census HUDSPETH CHARLES Madison Co MS

Alabama Tax Lists

Charles Hudspeth  1811 Madison Co. Ala

Charles Hedgepeth 1815 Madison Co. Ala.
Charles Hedgepeth 1816 Madison Co. Ala.


William Hudspeth     1811 Madison Co. Ala.

William G. Hedgepeth 1812 Madison Co. Ala.
William Hedgepeth    1812 Madison Co. Ala.
William Hedgepeth    1815 Madison Co. Ala.


"Receiver’s Ledger, Sale of Public Lands, Credity System 1809-1811 Ledger A, Book No



1811 Charles Hudspeth of Madison Co. M. T.  Sec 36, Twp 2, R 1W


Vvolume XVIII page 519 The Territorial Papers for Alabama the Alabama Republican

printed in their newspaper list of letters that were remaining in the Huntsville,

Alabama Post Office still unclaimed was one for Charles Hudspeth Jan.9, 1819


1820 HUDSPETH CHARLES Monroe Co MS 71   011101-02101

1820 HUDSPETH CHARLES N Monroe Co MS 71 001000-00000


1830 HUDSPETH CHARLES Monroe Co MS 133   00010001-1002001


1830 HUDSPETH CHARLES Hardeman Co TN 353 000110001-00001000001

1830 HUDSPETH CHARLES Hardeman Co TN 351 110001-010001



Robert Edrington 55 M Farmer KY

Martha           47 F        TN

Martha H         14 F        MS

Henry C          11 M        MS

Sarah J           8 F        MS

      Headspath  72 M        NC  


 1 WILLIAM GILES HUDSPETH ....................

 2 SARAH HUDSPETH born March 6, 1797 TN. Sarah married William Piron/Pyron


   Clanipa born Jan.25, 1814
   Louisa born April 18, 1816
   Lucinday born Dec.29,1817
   Charles L. born May 10, 1819
   Sarah Ann born Feb.15, 1821
   Elizabeth born Jan.20, 1823
   Delphia G. born Nov.7,1824
   John M. born Feb.4, 1826
   Milley born Feb.22, 1829
   James W. born Jan.26, 1830
   Mary L. born Oct.4, 1831
   These records were sent to Anna Ford from the Bible of James W. Pyron

  3 MARY HUDSPETH born 1799 TN. Mary married James Bourland September 26, 1818 in

    Hopkins Co KY Mary died 1862 Itawamba County Mississippi.


    On March 26, 1826, Brice M. Garner of Lincoln County, Tennessee sold James

    Spears Bourland lot number 5 and lot number 6 in Section 26, Township 12 South,

    Range 19 West - 160 acres of land that is located at the site of the present-day

    City of Amory. James Spears Bourland is listed as the head of a household in

    Monroe County, Mississippi in both the United States Census of 1820 and United

    States Census of 1830.

    The Organization of Itawamba County

    On February 9, 1836, the Mississippi Legislature divided the land secured from

    the Chickasaws into counties. On February 14, 1836, the Legislature appointed

    commissioners in each of the ten newly created counties to get the counties

    organized. The commissioners appointed for Itawamba County were James Rowland,

    William Coats, Lewis Gideon and David Walker. As instructed by the Legislature,

    these commissioners called for an election and five men were elected: James

    Spears Bourland, Alfred G. Lane, John Beene, S.S. Spearman and Eliba Allen.

    These men were known as the Board of Police.


    A deed recorded in Deed Book 1, Page 53, shows that a Chickasaw sold Section 25,

    Township 9, Range 8 East to Kenneth Clark, John Miller and Robert Miller, land

    speculators living in adjoining Pontotoc County. They, in turn, donated 50 acres

    of this land to the Board of Police for the site of county government on July 17,

    1837. The new site of county government was named Fulton and by 1838 lots were

    being sold in this new town. John Thompson was the first postmaster for the site

    of county government. Some of the first lot buyers in the new village of Fulton

    were John M. Cox, David Patrick, Wiley W. Gaither, James C. Wright, Edward Moore,

    John R. Wren, William Peacock, John L. Collins, David Files, William Files,

    Lemuel Beene, Joseph Calvin Clark, William Eckford, Wiley D. Clifton and John

    Thompson. Before Fulton was organized, county government affairs were conducted

    in private homes and stores including the store house of Elisha Thomas at Van

    Buren on the Tombigbee River and the home of James Spears Bourland in the

    Cardsville community. After Fulton was organized county government business was

    conducted in private stores and residences in Fulton. As late as January of 1838,

    circuit court was held in the "ward house" of Duncan Clarke, Esq. in the new

    village of Fulton. It is not known when the first courthouse was built in Fulton,

    but records show that there was a courthouse in Fulton before 1843. More than

    likely it was a typical pioneer wooden structure.

    1850 BOURLAND JAMES S Itawamba Co MS
    James S Bourland 51 M Farmer SC
    Mary             51 F        TN
    Mary M           19 F        MS
    Robert           15 M        MS
    L?? Ann          15 F        MS
    Rebecca          13 F        MS
    B???             11 M        MS
    Wesley            7 M        MS
    Mary J Thomas     9 F        MS
    Martha            7 F        MS

    1860 BOURLAND JAMES S Itawamba Co MS Van Buren 54
    James S Bourland 61 M Farmer SC
    Mary             62 F        KY
    Sylas A          25 M        MS
    Baylus E         21 M        MS
    Wesly W H        18 M        MS
    Mary J Thomas    19 F        MS
    Martha S         17 F        MS
    James E          16 M        MS
    William G        12 M        MS
    Alfred Stovall   20 M        MS

    1870 BOURLAND JAMES Itawamba Co MS Fulton 402A
    James Bourland 71 M Farmer SC
    Mary           44 F        GA
    Melissa        36 F        MS

    Biography:  JAMES SPEARS BOURLAND of Itawamba & Monroe Counties,
    Mississippi by Marie Evans Davis

    JAMES SPEARS BOURLAND  was born October 19, 1798 in Pendleton District, South

    Carolina, and died November 10, 1877 in Itawamba County, Mississippi. He married

    MARY HUDSPETH September 26, 1818 in Hopkins County Kentucky, daughter of CHARLES


    James Spears Bourland is said to have been known by his contemporaries in Monroe

    County and in Itawamba County, Mississippi as Judge Bourland. He was the third son

    of Ebenezer Bourland and Abigail Loving, daughter of Gabriel Loving and sister to

    Mary Loving who had married John Bourland, Jr. who was born about 1768 in Virginia.

    Ebenezer Bourland was the son of John Bourland.

    Mary Hudspeth was the daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Glenn Hudspeth. The

    records indicate that as newlyweds, James and Mary accompanied Charles Hudspeth

    Sr. and his family and James Ederington, his sons and their families to "the wilds

    of Mississippi" to the vicinity of the town of Cotton Gin Port in the year 1819.

    Cotton Gin Port had its beginnings in the late 1700's and early 1800's. It was

    built on the site of a long-time Indian settlement and an old French fort. It was

    recognized as an organized town with an area of 107 acres in 1828. Cotton Gin Port

    was the commercial center of North Mississippi and Alabama from 1820 until after

    the Civil War. It was enjoying the peak of prosperity in 1848 until the Civil War

    broke out in 1861.

    In 1885, the Kansas City, Memphis and Birmingham Railroad staked out its right-of-

    way across the area and missed Cotton Gin Port entirely. A new town, Amory, was

    founded on the railroad and the residents of Cotton Gin Port, realizing that the

    railroad would take trade away from the river, made a wholesale exodus to the new

    town. All the business people of Cotton Gin Port, along with most of the other
    citizens, moved to Amory. Some moved their business houses, rolling them over to

    the new town on logs, while others took the buildings down and rebuilt them in

    Amory. The river has returned as a shipping lane by the completion of the
    Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway.

    On March 26, 1826, Brice M. Garner of Lincoln County, Tennessee sold James Spears

    Bourland lot number 5 and lot number 6 in Section 26, Township 12 South, Range 19

    West - 160 acres of land that is located at the site of the present-day City of

    Amory. James Spears Bourland is listed as the head of a household in Monroe County,

    Mississippi in both the United States Census of 1820 and United States Census of


    Records indicate that James Spears Bourland took an active part in the cession of

    the Chickasaw Indian county in North Mississippi to the United States of America

    in 1832 and 1834. He spent a part of his time during the years of 1836 and 1837 in

    the town of Pontotoc, in which place the United States Government had placed the

    land office for the area ceded by the Treaty of Pontotoc in 1832.

    Upon this opening of the Chickasaw cession lands to settlement by white people,

    James Spears Bourland established his homestead in the south part of Itawamba

    County, Mississippi near the community of Cardsville. He was the president of the

    first Board of Police (Board of Supervisors) that organized Itawamba County,

    Mississippi in the year 1836.

    Sources: The Amory Advertiser, March 29, 1984, Aberdeen (Mississippi) Examiner,

    October 12, 1967, The Bourlands in America, Carl and May Reed, History of Monroe

    County Mississippi


  4 CHARLES MARTIN HUDSPETH born 1800 TN. Charles married Nancy. Nancy died July 9

    1875 Santa Rosa CA.


    1837 Aug 1 Charles M Hudspeth 80 acres AR

    1840 HUDSPETH CHARLES M Pulaski Co AR 112 0111202-111001

    1850 HUDSPETH CHARLES M Sonoma Co CA
    Charles M Hudspeth 50 M Farmer TN
    Nancy              51 F        TN
    Virginia           16 F        AR
    Holly              12 F        AR

    1870 HUDSPETH CHARLES Sonoma Co CA Santa Rosa
    John Adams   WM 41 Farmer  MO
    Holly        WF 32         AR
    L????        WM 15         CA
    James B      WM 12         CA
    John H       WM  8         CA
    Albert S     WM  3         CA
    Unnamed      WM 5/12       CA
    Cas Hudspeth WM 70         TN
    Nancy A      WF 70         TN
    William      WM 41         TN


    Russian River Flag Healdsburg, Ca. July 1, 1875 issue

    Santa Rosa, July 9, 1875, at the residence of her son-in-law, John ADAMS, Nancy,

    wife of Charles G. HUDSPETH, aged 75y 1m 8d, native of TN. Funeral at 1 o'clock

    today, July 10, 1875

    1880 HUDSPETH CHARLEY M Sonoma Co CA Santa Rosa 141 C
    John Adams         Head  WM 51 M  MO VA MO Farmer
    Holly D R          Wife  WF 42 M  AR TN TN 
    Calvin H           Son   WM 18 S  CA MO AR
    Robert L           Son   WM 18 S  CA MO AR
    Albert S           Son   WM 14 S  CA MO AR
    Charles E          Son   WM 10 S  CA MO AR
    Preston S          Son   WM  7 S  CA MO AR
    Bettie             Dau   WF  5 S  CA MO AR
    Susie              Dau   WF  3 S  CA MO AR
    Charley M Hudspeth F/Law WM 82 Wd TN UN UN


   The Sonoma Democrat, Santa Rosa, Sonoma Co., Ca., June 1, 1889 edition:

   Memorial Day in Argyle Park, Comrade BARNHARDT of the Ellsworth Post
   G.A.R. read the following roll call of the dead, being a list of the
   company's defenders whose graves had just been decorated:
   Mexican War - C.M. HUDSPETH


        1 Male Hudspeth
        2 Male Hudspeth
        3 Male Hudspeth
        4 Male Hudspeth
        5 Elizabeth Hudspeth
        6 William Hudspeth born 1829 TN.

        7 Virginia Hudspeth born 1834 AR.
        8 Holly Hudspeth born 1838 AR. Holly married John Adams


  5 MARTHA HUDSPETH  born abt 1804 TN. Martha married Robert Ederington.


    Page 652 Index to pensioners of the War of 1812 by Virgil D. White
Ederington, Robert, Martha ( Hudspeth) WC-26767 married Aug.10th, 1820 in

    Monroe County, Miss. Soldier died Oct.22, 1857 in Bradley Co. Ark. Soldier

    served with Elmore's Ky. Mil. Lived in Bradley County, Ark. when he died and

    widow lives in Bell County, Texas at Salada in 1879"

    1830 EDRINGTON ROBERT Monroe Co MS 128 210011-11001


    1840 EDRINGTON ROBERT Yalobusha Co MS 300 112200101-101101


    1850 EDRINGTON ROBERT Bradley Co AR 96
    Robert Edrington   55 M Farmer KY

    Martha             47 F        TN

    Martha H           14 F        MS

    Henry C            11 M        MS

    Sarah J             8 F        MS

            Headspath  72 M        NC  


    402/403 1860 EDRINGTON M Bell Co TX Belton 325 July 9th

             M Ederington 57 F Farming $7,618 TN

             Martha       23 F                MS

             H            21 M                MS

             S J          18 F                MS

         404 E Dubose     31 F                MS

             J W           9 M                AR

             B A           7 M                AR


     1870 EDDRINGTON M Bell Co TX Salado 76 Aug 27th

     M E Edderington 69 WF Keeping House TN

     Martha          34 WF               MS

     Sarah           25 WF               MS

     E Dubose        41 WF               MS

     James           19 WM Farmer        TX

     Benoei           7 WM               TX


     1880 EDRINGTON MARTHA Williamson Co TX 503

     John Harrell B   Head  WM 32 M    GA GA GA

     Sallie J         Wife  WF 38 M    MS -- --

     Mattie F         Dau   WF  5 S    TX GA MS

     Harry L          Son   WM  1 S    TX GA MS

     John R           Son   WM 2/12 S  TX GA MS

     Martha Edrington M/Law WF 78 Wd   TX




    1 Elizabeth I Edrington born June 1829 MS. Elizabeth married Benomi Dubose.

      Elizabeth died Dec 3 1919 and is buried in the Oakland Cemetery Dallas Co



      Certificate #331 Dallas County, Texas
      Name of dec'd Mrs. E. I. Dubose
      Place of death Irving
      Gender female
      Married status: widow
      Race white
      Date of death Dec.3rd 1919
      Attending physician :D. W. Gilbert of Irving
      Place of burial: Oakland Cemetery
      Date of burial Dec.4, 1919
      Name of father: Robt. Edrington
      Name of mother Martha Hudspeth



                                     Dallas Morning News Dec 4 1919


      2 Martha H Edrington born July 1836 MS. Martha died after 1919.


      3 Henry C Edrington born 1839 MS.


      4 Sarah J Edrington born 1842 MS. Sarah married John B Harrell.


   6 JOHN C HUDSPETH  born about 1804 TN. John married Nancy E Cocke August 30th

     1834 Hardeman Co TN

     1840 HEDGEPTH JOHN C Yalobusha Co MS 30 100001-11011

     1850 HETSPETH J C Yalobusha Co MS 386
     J C Hedspeth 46 M Planter TN
     Nancy        34 F         AL
     Mary         14 F         MS
     John          9 M         MS
     Malissa       8 F         MS
     Louisa        7 F         MS
     Nancy         6 F         MS
     William       5 M         MS
     Sarah         2 F         MS

     1860 HUDGEPETH JOHN C Yalobusha Co MS 875
     John Hudgepeth 57 M Farmer TN
     Nancy E        44 F        AL
     Mary E         24 F        MS
     John           22 M        MS
     Malissa        20 F        MS
     Nancy E        16 F        MS
     William A      15 M        MS
     Sarah J        12 F        MS     

     1880 HUDSPETH JOHN C Yalobusha Co MS 165B
     John C Hudspeth Head  WM 74 M TN NC NC Surveyor
     Nancy E         Wife  WF 59 M TN VA KY
     Polly A Cocke   M/Law WF 86 F KY VA VA


     1 Mary E Hudspeth born 1836 MS. Mary married Joseph S Cox July 2 1868

       Yalobusha Co MS.


     2 John B Hudspeth born 1841 MS. John married F A.


       1880 HUDSPETH J B Yalobusha Co MS 113D
       J B Hudspeth Head WM 42 M    MS TN TN Bookkeeper In Store
       F A          Wife WF 39 M    NY NY NY
       Buren        Son  WM 17 S    MS MS NY
       Aileen       Dau  WF 11 S    MS MS NY
       J N          Son  WM 3/12 S  MS MS NY


     3 Malissa Hudspeth born 1842 MS. Malissa married William C Bobbit Feb 28

       Yalobusha MS.


     4 Louisa Hudspeth born 1843 MS.


     5 Nancy E Hudspeth born 1844 MS


     6 William A Hudspeth born 1845 MS


     7 Sarah J Hudspeth born 1848 MS.


   7 AMELIA HUDSPETH born abt 1808 TN. Amelia married John Ederington




     John T. Ederington, merchant, Warren, Ark. For a number of years past the

     city of Warren has been noted far and wide for its excellent mercantile

     establishments, and particularly that of Mr. Ederington, who is one of the

     first-class business men of the place. He owes his nativity to Monroe County,

     Miss., where his birth occurred on October 12, 1837, and is the son of John

     Ederington, a native of Kentucky. The latter was married in Monroe County,

     Miss., to Miss Amelia Hudspeth, also a native of Florence, Ala., and in 1850

     they moved to Bradley County, Ark., and located at Lanark. There the father

     entered and bought land, and there received his final summons on November 19,

     1876. He was justice of the peace for a number of years. The mother died on

     January 7, 1885. Their family consisted of nine children: William J., Mrs.

     E. J. Wall, Mrs. C. E. Childs, John T., Robert C., Mrs. A. C. Wheeler, Mrs.

     Martha A. Hall, James L. and Samuel C.


     1850 EDERINGTON JOHN Monroe Co MS 60
     John Ederington 58 M Farmer KY
     Milly           42  F       KY
     William         19 M        MS
     Catherine       16 F        MS
     John            14 M        MS
     Robert          11 M        MS
     Caroline         9 F        MS
     Martha           7 F        MS
     James L          5 M        MS
     Samuel        9/12 M        MS


     1860 EDERINGTON JOHN Bradley Co AR 514

     John Ederington 64 M Farmer KY

     Millie          52 F        TN

     William J       28 M        MS

     John T          22 M        MS

     Amelia C        17 F        MS

     Martha A        15 F        MS

     James L         12 M        MS

     Samuel C        10 M        MS


     1870 EDREINGTON JOHN Bradley Co AR 496A

     John Edrington 75 M Farmer KY

     Milly          62 F        TN

     Lafayette      23 M        AR

     Samuel         20 M        AR

     Robert         30 M        MS

     Ann            21 F        AR

     John            8 M        AR


     1880 EDRINGTON MILLIE Bradley Co AR Clay 24B

     Millie Edrington Head WF 82 Wd TN -- --


   8 LILLIS ANN HUDSPETH born 1809 TN. Lillie Ann married Allen Cox March 11

     1833 Hardeman Co TN.


     1850 COX ALLEN Bradley Co AR

     Allen Cox    42 M Farmer TN

     Lillis A     41 F        TN

     Mary E       16 F        TN

     Joseph M     14 M        TN

     John B       12 M        TN

     Margaret C   10 F        MS

     Thomas C      7 M        MS

     Rebecca       5 F        MS

     Lillis A      2 F        AR

     Martha Pyron 18 F        AL


     1860 COX ALLEN Bradley Co AR Clay Twp 511

     Allen Cox  53 M Farmer TN

     Lydia      51 F        TN

     Margaret C 20 F        MS

     Thomas C   17 M        MS

     Rebecca    16 F        MS

     Ann        13 M        AR

     Sarah      10 F        AR


     1870 COX ALLEN Bradley Co AR Clay Twp 491A

     Allen Cox 62 WM Farmer TN

     Lilasom   61 WF        KY

     Sarah     19 WF        AR


     1880 COX ALLEN Bradley Co AR Clay Twp

     Allen Cox Head WM 72 TN Farmer

     Lilly     Wife WF 70 AL



    Robert Charles Ederington resides on his excellent farm of 360 acres near Jersey,

    Bradley County, Ark., but was born in Monroe County, Miss., on January 26, 1840,

    being the fifth child born to John and Millie Ederington, who located in Bradley

    County October 22, 1850, where they continued to make their home until their

    respective deaths. Robert C. Ederington has been a resident of this county since

    he was ten years of age, and in his youth acquired a fair knowledge of the "world

    of books" in the common schools near his home. He was taught the details of farming

    by his father, and expects to make this his occupation through life, and being a

    young man of brains, energy and enterprise he promises to become one of the wealthy

    agriculturists of this region. He has 175 acres of land under the plow, and his

    crops are always large and of excellent quality. He has been married twice, first

    to Miss Cordia C. Joyce, who was the eighth child of Henry and Sarah Joyce, and by

    her became the father of three children, John being the only one of the three now

    living, and his second union was to Miss Lillis Ann Cox, who is the seventh child

    of Allen and Lillis Cox, who moved to Bradley County, Ark., from Yalobusha County,

    Miss.,in January, 1848. In time a family of six children gathered around Mr.

    Ederington's hearthstone: Ellen, Cordia A., Charles, Jennie, Carrie and William W.

    In November, 1861, Mr. Ederington enlisted in Company D. Ninth Arkansas Infantry,

    but afterward became a member of the First Cavalry, under Gen. J. F. Fagan in May,

    1862, and from that was transferred to the Tiger Battery in July, 1863, being with

    Gen. Price on his famous Missouri raid. He served with this battery until the close

    of the war, and although he was in a number of engagements he was never wounded.

    Some of the principal engagements in which he took part are Cane Hill, Prairie

    Grove, Fayetteville, Lone Jack, Back Bone Mountain, Wolf Creek, Poison Springs and

    Mark's Mill. Mr. Ederington is a Democrat, and after being elected to the position

    of school director in his district, served in that capacity for fourteen years. He

    and wife are members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and are highly esteemed

    by all who know them.


  8 JAMES M HUDSPETH was born Feb.20, 1812 in Madison Co. Ala.  James Hudspeth

    married Matilda Fuller.

   JAMES M HUDSPETH , 1843, nat. of Ala, who crossed the plains to Or. in '42, and

   came to Cal. in the Hastings party. iv. 390, 400. He worked for Stephen Smith at

   Bodega for a while. iv. 396; and subsequently visited various parts of Cal.,

   working as a lumberman at Sauzalito, and hunting in the Sac. Val.; served, perhaps,

   as a 2d Lieut of Gantt's comp. during the Micheltorena war of '44-5; and in the

   spring of '46 went east to the Salt Lake region with Hastings and Clyman to aid

   in diverting immig. and prospective filibusters from Or. to Cal. v. 526, 529. He

   returned in the autumn, v. 530, and served as Lieut of Co. F, Cal. Bat., in '46-7.

   v. 361, 435. After the war he bought land in Sonoma, and worked with O' Farrell as

   surveyor at Benicia-where he owned a lot, v. 672, as also at S. F., v. 679-Napa,

   and other places; in the mines '49-50; later a farmer in Sonoma Co.; memb. of

   legislature '52-5; and still living in '85. at the age of 63. His wife, from '54,

   was Matilda Fuller, and he had no children. Portrait in Son. Co. Hist., 160


   Pages 478-479-480 Sonoma Co. Calif. History
   " James M. Hudspeth one of the oldest and most respected pioneers was born Feb.20,

   1812 in Madison County, Ala when he was quite young he accompanied his parents to

   Middle Tenn. and afterwards to Russellville, Alabama where his father Charles was

   in the Territorial Legislature. In 1829 he went to Hardeman County, Tenn. In 1835

   he went into business with his brother John C. Hudspeth at Chickasaw, Miss. In 1837

   he went to Little Rock, Ark. and resided until 1841. On April 15, 1842 he left from

   Missouri under Elijah White on a wagon train bound for Oregon and California. He

   married Sept.20, 1854 Matilda Fuller who died Oct. 5, 1878 and they had no issue

   1850 HUDSPUTH JAMES M Sonoma Co CA 13
   James M Hudspeth 38 M Farmer AL

   1860 HUDSPETH J M Sonoma Co CA Annally Twp 493
   J M Hudspeth  48 M Surveyor AL
   Matilda       40 F          England
   John McDonald 14 M          Austria


   Sonoma County Journal Petaluma, Ca. Mar. 2, 1860

   Santa Rosa Jockey Club Soliciting Committee


   1870 HUDSPEPTH JAMES Sonoma Co CA Anally Twp 234A
   James Hudspeth 57 WM Farmer AL
   Matilda        52 WF        England


   Russian River Flag, Healdsburg, Ca., Nov. 20, 1873 Edition

   Tax Assessment at $13.62 per acre

   J.M. Hudspeth - 1,560 ac.

   1880 HUDSPETH JAMES Sonoma Co CA Annually 270 B
   James Hudspeth Head WM 68 Wd AL NC NC Farmer

   Santa Rosa paper for California  gives the obit for James M. In his obit it says

   he served two years in the Senate for California. He died in 1893 his wife died

   in 1873 and they leave no children


   Sonoma County Tribune Healdsburg, Ca. September 1893 issues
   Saturday, James HUDSPETH died in Santa Rosa. He was a pioneer of Ca. and was

   prominent where he lived..




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