Ambrose Hilburn born abt 1784 SC. Ambrose married Mary.


1825 Ambrose Hilburn... Petition to the President by Citizens of Miller Co AR ..Petition

of sundry inhabitants of Miller County in Arkansas Territory, praying that measures may

be adopted to relieve them of the difficulties under which they are placed by the late

treaties with the Choctaws, giving them lands in Arkansas already occupied by White

settlers ("Territorial Papers - Arkansas Territory 1825-29" pages 136-142)


Washington County AR Tax List


Ambrose Hilburn 1828-1837


1829 Amborse Hilburn Sheriff's Census of Washington Co AR Territory ..shows to have 2

daughters and 3 sons.


1830 HILLSON AMBROSE Washington Co AR 191  130002-113101

Ambrose 30-40 (46)

Female  30-40 (43)

Male    30-40

Female  15-20

Female  10-15

Female  10-15

Female  10-15

Male     5-10 Joseph

Male     5-10 Lorenzo

Male     5-10

Female   5-10

Female   0-5

Male     0-5  Samuel


1833 Hilburn township created then in Washington co Ark Terr but now Hilburn Post Office

probably to be located on Ball Creek in Southern Madison co Ark Sec 8, T14N, R26W


1835 Ambros elected Magistrate Washington Co AR Territory


1836 (Nov) Ambros by defacto, became Justice of the Peace for Madison Co AR


1837 Ambros was assessed taxes Madison Co AR


1838 (Feb 16) Ambros resigned as Justice of the Peace and was replaced by John Chipman



1838 (Jun 11) Ambros served on Grand Jury for Franklin Co AR first circuit court


1839 Ambros was assessed taxes for 1839 in Franklin Co AR


1838 (Dec 6) Ambros was named on a note as assignee for Spencer Horner for a sum of $55


1850 HILBURN A Grayson Co TX 337

A Hilburn 66 M Farmer SC

Mary      53 F        NC

Sam       20 M        AR

Wade      18 M        AR

Sarah     15 F        AR

Pris      13 F        AR

E H       10 M        TX


1852 (Jan 6 ) Laws of Tx Vol 3 pg 1065 An Act for the relief of Ambrose Hillburn - he was

granted one league and labor of land as headright to which he is entitled by his emigration

to the Republic of Texas with his family prior to the revolution in 1835.


1860 HILBURN AMBROS Collin Co TX Millwood 87

Ambros Hilburn 75 M Farmer SC

Mary           65 F        NC


 Children of Ambrose and Keziah:


1 JOSEPH HILBURN born abt 1820 AR.


1840 WIILBURN JOSEPH Franklin Co AR 00001-00000

Joseph 20-30  






4 LORENZO DOW HILBURN born April 10 1824 TX. Lorenzo married Jane.


1860 HILBURN DOW Navarro Co TX 205

Dow Hilburn 35 M Farmer TX

Jane        30 F        AR

E           13 F        AR

Robert      10 M        AR

Martha       8 F        AR

Jane         6 F        TX

Peter        4 M        TX

John         2 M        TX

James        1 M        TX


1870 HILBURN L D Navarro Co TX 82

L D Hilburn 45 WM Farmer TX

Jane        40 WF        TN

M           16 WF        AR

K           14 WF        TX

A           11 WM        TX

N            9 WF        TX

George       7 WM        TX

P J          5 WF        TX

S D          1 WM        TX


1880 HILBURN L D Navarro Co TX 398

L D Hilburn Head WM 56 M TX TN (Blank) Farmer

E J         Wife WF 53 M TN NC NC

G T         Son  WM 21 S TX TX TN

Pat         Son  WM 10 S TX TX TX


1900 HILLBURN PAT Navarro Co TX 168

Pat Hillburn Head   WM Jun 1869 30 M 4yrs TX TX TN Constable

Sallie M     Wife   WF Jul 1879 20 M 3/2  TX MS MS

Rube F       Dau    WF Mar 1898  2 S      TX TX TX

William D    Son    WM Feb 1900 3/12 S    TX TX TX

Lorenzo D    Father WM Apr 1824 76 Wd     TX TN TN Land Lord


   Children of Lorenzo and Jane:


 1 Elizabeth Hilburn born June 29 1847 AR. Elizabeth married William Hays. Elizabeth died May 29 1936

   and is buried in the White Cemetery.


       May 30, 1936
   HAYS - Corsicana, Texas, May 30. - Mrs. Elizabeth Hays, about 80, died Friday at Richland at the

   home of her daughter, Mrs. W. I. Baldwin. Funeral services were held at White Cemetery Saturday

   afternoon. She is survived by two sons, L. D. Hays of Richland and Jack Hays of Canton; three

   daughters, Mrs. Baldwin, Mrs. Jane Bennett of Wortham and Mrs. O. M. Long of Muleshoe; two brothers,

   Pat and Pete Hillburn, both of Richland, and a number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


 2 Robert Hilburn born 1850 AR.


 3 Martha Hilburn born abt 1852 AR.


 4 Kiziah Jane Hilburn born abt 1854 TX.


 5 Peter Ambrose Hilburn born abt 1856 TX. Peter died Oct 30 1943, Mary died May 12 1945

   Navarro Co TX.


   1880 HILBURN PETE Navarro Co TX 402

   Pete Hilburn Head WM 25 S TX TX NC Herder


   1900 HILLBURN AMBROSE Navarro Co TX 163

   Ambrose Hillburn Head WM Jan 1856 44 M 17yrs TX AR AR Farmer

   Mary C           Wife WF Apr 1860 40 M 3/1   TX SC TN

   Belle            Dau  WF Feb 1889 11 S       TX TX TX


   1910 HILLBURN AMBROSE Navarro Co TX 196

   Ambrose Hillburn Boarder WM 53 D TX TX TX Farmer


   1910 HILLBURN MARY Navarro Co TX 203

   Jay Elkins    Head  WM 24 M   2yrs TX TX TX Farmer

   Belle         Wife  WF 21 M   1/1  TX TX TX

   Nothera       Dau   WF 9/12 S      TX TX TX

   Mary Hillburn M/Law WF 55 Wd       TX AL TX Farmer


   1920 HILBURN AMBROSE Navarro Co TX 192

   Ambrose Hilburn Head WM 64 M TX TX TX Farmer

   Mary C          Wife WF 58 M TX US US


   1930 HILLBURN MARY C Navarro Co TX Richland 269

   Mary C Hillburn Head WF 70 D TX TN MS


   1930 HILBURN PETE A Navarro Co TX 263

   Pete A Hilburn Head WM 74 D MS US US Stock Farmer   


 6 John Hilburn born 1858 TX.


 7 James Hilburn born 1859 TX. James married Mary C.


 8 Nancy Hilburn born 1861 TX.


 9 George Tankars Hilburn born May 1863 TX. George married Francis Vestula Rainey. George died

   Feb 16 1914 Lamb Co TX. Francis died Aug 6 1939 Hale Co TX.


   1900 HILLBURN GEORGE T Fisher Co TX 8

   George Hillburn Head   WM May 1859 41 M 14yrs TX TN AR Farmer

   Francis V       Wife   WF Aug 1866 33 M 5/4   MS MS MS

   Lee R           Son    WM Feb 1888 12 S       TX TX MS

   George C        Son    WM Nov 1892  7 S       TX TX MS

   Frances T       Son    WM Nov 1895  4 S       TX TX MS

   Alta E          Dau    WF Apr 1897  3 S       TX TX MS

   Rueben Rainey   B/Law  WM Aug 1863 36 S       MS MS MS

   Mintie Barton   S/Law  WF Feb 1880 20 Wd 1/1  TX TN MS

   William W       Nephew WM Mar 1899  1 S       TX TX TX  


   1910 HILLBURN GEORGE T Kent Co TX Jayton 166

   George T Hillburn Head WM 50 M1 24yrs TX US AR Farmer

   Francis V         Wife WF 46 M1 7/6   MS MS MS

   George C          Son  WM 17 S        TX TX MS

   Francis           Son  WM 14 S        TX TX MS

   Altie E           Dau  WF 11 S        TX TX MS

   Lorenzo D         Son  WM  7 S        TX TX MS

   Hollis H          Son  WM  4 S        TX TX MS


   1920 HILLBURN FESTULA Floyd Co TX Floydada 121

   Mrs Vestula Hillburn Head WF 54 Wd MS MS MS

   Francis              Son  WM 23 S  TX TX MS Ranch Labor

   Lorenzo              Son  WM 17 S  TX TX MS Coal Deliver

   Hollis               Son  WM 14 S  TX TX MS   


10 Prudy J Hilburn born 1865 TX. Prudy died Nov 1880 Navarro Co TX.


   1880 Mortality Schedule P J Hilburn WF 17 TX TX NC Nov Typhoid Fever


11 Pat Hilburn born June 1869 TX. Pat married Sallie M. Pat and Sallie divorced and

   Sally married 2nd Jay H Elkins. Pat died Oct 19 1955 Navarro Co TX.


   1900 HILLBURN PAT Navarro Co TX 168

   Pat Hillburn Head   WM Jun 1869 30 M 4yrs TX TX TN Constable

   Sallie M     Wife   WF Jul 1879 20 M 3/2  TX MS MS

   Rube F       Dau    WF Mar 1898  2 S      TX TX TX

   William D    Son    WM Feb 1900 3/12 S    TX TX TX

   Lorenzo D    Father WM Apr 1824 76 Wd     TX TN TN Land Lord


   1910 HILLBURN PAT Navarro Co TX 189

   Pat Hillburn Head WM 40 M 13yrs TX TX TN Clerk Hardware Store

   Sallie M     Wife WF 30 M 5/4   TX US US

   Dallie R     Dau  WF 12 S       TX TX TX

   Bill D       Son  WM 10 S       TX TX TX

   George A     Son  WM  8 S       TX TX TX

   Larada       Dau  WF  3 S       TX TX TX


   1920 WILLBURN SALLIE Navarro Co TX 192

   Sallie Hillburn Head WF 40 D TX MS MS Sales Lady Dry Food Store

   Dollie          Dau  WF 21 S TX TX TX Public Nurse

   Larada          Dau  WF 12 S TX TX TX

   Edward          Son  WM  5 S TX TX TX


   1930 HILBURN EDWARD Navarro Co TX 278

   Jay H Elkins   Head  WM 43 M (21) TX MS TX Farmer

   Sallie M       Wife  WF 50 M (16) TX MS MS

   Edward Hilburn S/Son WM 16 S      TX TX TX 


   1930 HILBURN ROX Navarro Co TX Richland 272

   Pat Hilburn Head  WM 61 Wd     TX US US

   George A    Son   WM 27 M (24) TX TX TX Oil Field Labor

   Nell T      D/Law WF 20 M (17) TX TX TX

   George A    G/Son WM  2 S      TX TX TX    


5 SAMUEL HILBURN born abt 1830 AR. Samuel married Julia.


1860 HILBURN SAM Collin Co TX Millwood 87

Sam Hilburn 31 M Farmer AR

Julia       23 F        IN


6 WADE HILBURN born abt 1832 AR. Wade married Luriny?


1860 HILBURN WADE Polk Co AR Sulpher Springs 692

Wade Hilbrun 25 M Famer AR

Luriny?      24 F       AR

Sarah J       5 F       AR

Martha        3 F       AR

John A     9/12 M       AR


7 SARAH HILBURN born abt 1835 AR. Sarah married John Newton Barr Collin Co TX.


8 PRISS HILBURN born abt 1837 AR. Priss married Hezekiah Chipman.


1860 CHIPMAN HEZEKIAH Collin Co TX Millwood 87

Hezekiah Chipman 20 M Farmer AL

Pris             20 F        AR


9 E H (male) HILBURN born abt 1840 TX.