1910 MATTICK HERMAN H Albany County NY Albany Ward-1 34B
Herman H Mattick  Head MW 52 M 39 years GER GER GER Laborer-Mason work (1885,Na)
Theresa C         Wife FW 54 M   4/3    GER GER GER                    (1885)
Charles H         Son  MW 19 S          NY GER GER

1910 MATTICK PAUL Albany County NY Albany Ward-1 45A
Paul Mattick  Head MW 29 M 4 years GER GER GER Iron worker-Foundry (1880,Na)
Mary          Wife FW 32 M   0/0   IRE IRE IRE                     (1882)

1910 MATTICK HERMAN A Albany County NY Albany Ward-2 103B
Herman A Mattick  Head  MW 24 M 4 years NY GER GER Commercial-Cigars
Louise M          Wife  FW 23 M   2/2   NY NY NY
Anna M            Dau   FW  3 S         NY NY NY
Theresa           Dau   FW  2 S         NY NY NY
Catherine Miller  S/law FW  9 S         NY NY NY

1910 MATTICK CHARLES Albany County NY Albany Ward-2 131B
Charles Mattick Head MW 47 M 23 years GER GER GER Nora Driver-Coal Dealer (1886,Na)
Barbara         Wife FW 42 M   9/6    GER GER GER                         (1887)
William         Son  MW 18 S          NY GER GER
Charles         Son  MW 16 S          NY GER GER
Margaret        Dau  FW  8 S          NY GER GER
Paul            Son  MW  5 S          NY GER GER
Harold          Son  MW  3 S          NY GER GER

1910 MATTOCKS AMBROSE Albany County NY Albany Ward-5 119A
Ambrose Mattocks  Lodger MW 26 S SCOT SCOT SCOT Manager-Fire Insurance
Enumerated with Elmer A Blessing

1910 MATTICKS JOHN J Albany County NY Albany Ward-10 297A
John J Matticks  Head MW 30 M 1 year NY GER GER Painter
Catharine L      Wife FW 30 M   1/1  NY NY NY
Catharine M      Dau  FW 6/12 S      NY NY NY

1910 MATTICKS ANDREW A Albany County NY Albany Ward-10 297A
Andrew A Matticks  Head MW 57 M 34 years GER GER GER Lumber Handler (1882,Na)
Anna M             Wife FW 52 M   6/3    GER GER GER                (1882)
Joseph J           Son  MW 22 S          NY GER GER

1910 MATTOCKS ALEXANDER MC K Albany County NY Albany Ward-16 10A
Alexander Mc K Mattocks  Head  MW 37 M 6 years SCOT SCOT SCOT Clerk-Drug Co
Martha R                 Wife  FW 30 M    3/3  NY CAN NY
Ralph Mc K               Son   MW  5 S         NY SCOT NY
James B                  Son   MW  2 S         NY SCOT NY
Jean I                   Dau   FW 2/12 S       NY SCOT NY
Isabelle Ralph           M/Law FW 52 Wd   2/1  NY NY NY

1910 MULLOCK ABRAHAM Albany County NY Cohoes Ward-3 146A
Abraham Mullock  Head MW 41 M 18 years GER GER GER Merchant-Notion store (1892,Na)
Julia            Wife FW 37 M    6/5   RUS RUS RUS                       (1892)
Bertha           Dau  FW 15 S          NY GER RUS
Joseph           Son  MW 13 S          NY GER RUS
Gertrude         Dau  FW 10 S          NY GER RUS
Max              Son  MW  8 S          NY GER RUS
Mary             Dau  FW  5 S          NY GER RUS


1910 MATLOCK ESTINA W Allegany County NY Wellsville 100A
Estina W Matlock  Head FW 54 Wd 0/0 NY VT NY Agent-Toilet articles


1910 MIDLOK JOHN Broome County NY Binghamton Ward-1 80A
John Midlok  Head MW 24 M 2 years RUS RUS RUS Laborer-Shoe factory (1903,Al)
Catherine    Wife FW 20 M   2/2   RUS RUS RUS                      (1907)
Boleslav     Son  MW 1-10/12 S    NY RUS RUS
Vladislava   Dau  FW  8/12 S      NY RUS RUS

1910 MIDLACK STANLEY Broome County NY Union 163A
Stanley Midlack  Boarder MW 21 S RUS RUS RUS Laborer-Teamster (1907)
Joe Midlack      Boarder MW 18 S RUS RUS RUS Laborer-Teamster (1907)
Enumerated with Frank Cosgel

1910 MIDLOCK STANLEY Broome County NY Union 176A
Stanley Midlock  Boarder MW 30 S AUS AUS AUS Laborer-Teamster (1909)
Joe Midlock      Boarder MW 21 S AUS AUS AUS Laborer-Teamster (1909)
Enumerated with Mike Roch


1910 MATTOCKS FRANK L Cattaraugus County NY Gorvanda Village 261A
Frank L Mattocks  Head MW 58 M 36 years NY NY NY Book Keeper-Bottling works
Mary H            Wife FW 53 M   3/3    NY NY NY Teacher
Bessie M          Dau  FW 22 S          NY NY NY
Edna L            Dau  FW 20 S          NY NY NY Printer-Jof office


1910 METTLACK CHARLES H Cayuga County NY Auburn Ward-2 82B
Charles H Mettlack  Head MW 43 M 20 years NY GER NY Shoemaker-Shoe shop
Margaret M          Wife FW 41 M   5/5    ENG IRE IRE (1882)
Alexerdos J         Son  MW 18 S          NY NY ENG Apprentice-Jewelry
Florance            Dau  FW 17 S          NY NY ENG Book Keeper-Shoe shop
Gertrude M          Dau  FW 12 S          NY NY ENG
Charles J           Son  MW 10 S          NY NY ENG
John E              Son  MW  8 S          NY NY ENG

1910 METTLACK WILLIAM Cayuga County NY Auburn Ward-4 122B
William Mettlack  Head MW 41 M 11 years NY GER NY Steam felter-Mfg plant
Mildred           Wife FW 40 M   0/0    NY NY NY

1910 MEDLOCK WILLIAM R Cayuga County NY Ledyard 276B
William R Medlock  Head MW 52 M 30 years NY ENG IRE Farmer
Ella               Wife FW 49 M    2/2   NY NY NY
Angeline           Dau  FW 20 S          NY NY NY


1910 MATTOCKS MARY A Chautauqua County NY Chautauqua 98B
Mary A Mattocks  Servant FW 60 Wd 1/blank PA PA PA Servant
Enumerated with Jessie Breed

1910 MATTOCKS EMMA L Chautauqua County NY Ellicott 73A
Emma L Mattocks  Head FW 52 Wd 5/4 NY NY NY
Orsell E         Son  MW 26 S      NY NY NY Cabinet Maker-House factory
Eric W           Son  MW 24 S      NY NY NY Works-Novelty factory

1910 MATLOCK FRANK Chautauqua County NY Ellington 98B
Frank Matlock  Head MW 65 M 37 years NY NY NY Laborer-Odd jobs
Edith M        Wife FW 55 M   1/1    NY NY NY

1910 MATTOCKS CHARLES C Chautauqua County NY Gerry 123B
Charles C Mattocks  Head MW 63 Wd NY NY NY Farmer

1910 MATTOCKS AUGUSTA Chautauqua County NY Poland 25A
Grace M Schermerhorn  Head   FW 31 Wd 1/1 NY NY NY Farmer
Ruth A                Dau    FW  4 S      NY NY NY
Augusta Mattocks      Mother FW 58 Wd 2/1 NY NY NY


1910 MATTOCKS WATER K Chemung County NY Elmira Ward-1 225B
Water K Mattocks  Head MW 29 M 7 years PA PA PA Typewriter Co
Mable O           Wife FW 28 M   2/2   NY Wales NY
Elwin O           Son  MW  6 S         NY PA NY
Lester E          Son  MW  4 S         NY PA NY


1910 MALLICK MIKE Cortland County NY Courtland Ward-3 65A
Mike Mallick  Boarder MW 30 M 6 years RUS RUS RUS Wire Shop-Laborer (1908,Al)
Enumerated with Darold Case


1910 MULLOCK CHARLES H Delaware County NY Delhi 145A
Charles H Mullock  Head MW 50 M 26 years NY NY NY Station agent-O & W
Anna A             Wife FW 44 M   1/1    NY NY NY
Frank H            Son  MW 25 S          NY NY NY Operator-Telegraph

1910 MALLICK CHARLES B Delaware County NY Hancock 286B
Charles B Mallick  Head MW 49 M 22 years NY NY NY Farmer
Bevie              Wife FW 44 M    2/2   NY NY ENG
Thomas L           Son  MW 18 S          NY NY NY
Hannah May         Dau  FW  9 S          NY NY NY


1910 MEDLOCK BODISEZ Erie Bounty NY Buffalo Ward-1 17A
Bodisez Medlock  Boarder MW 23 S AUS AUS AUS Laborer-Blast Foundry (1907,Al)
Enumerated with John Bursztynski

1910 MATTOCKS EUGENE F Erie County NY Buffalo Ward-3 67B
Eugene F Mattocks  Boarder MW 24 S NY NY NY Civil Engineer-Railroad
Enumerated with George Graf - Hotel Keeper

1910 MATTOCK ANTOM Erie County NY Buffalo Ward-3 181B
Antom Mattock   Head    MW 40 M 13 years RUS RUS RUS Laborer-Lumber yard (1890,Na)
Nellie          Wife    FW 36 M    5/5   AUS AUS AUS                     (1890)
Peter           Son     MW 12 S          NY RUS AUS
Steve           Son     MW 10 S          NY RUS AUS
Josephine       Dau     FW  7 S          NY RUS AUS
Annie           Dau     FW  5 S          NY RUS AUS
John            Son     MW 1-6/12 S      NY RUS AUS
John Mattock    Boarder MW 49 S          RUS RUS RUS Laborer-Railroad    (1904,Na)

1910 MATLAK JOHN Erie County NY Buffalo Ward-8 255A
John Matlack  Head MW 40 M2 2 years  AUS AUS AUS Laborer-Railroad (1900,Al)
Stanislawa    Wife FW 36 M    1/1    AUS AUS AUS                  (1900)
Anida         Dau  FW  4 S           NY AUS AUS
John          Son  MW 1-6/12         NY AUS AUS

1910 MATLOCK FRANK Erie County NY Buffalo Ward-14 69A
Peter Young     Head    MW 55 M 28 years GER GER GER Retail Merchant-Clothing (1880,Na)
Dorthea         Wife    FW 51 M    4/1   NY NY GER
Dorthea Matlock Dau     FW 24 M    1/1   NY GER NY
Frank           S/Law   MW 27 M 3 years  ENG ENG ENG Book Keeper-Dry Goods    (Unk,Na)
Peter           G/Son   MW 11/12 S       NY ENG NY
John Jung       Brother MW 53 S          GER GER GER Cashier-Clothing         (1884,Na)

1910 MEDLOCK EMMA Erie County NY Buffalo Ward-20 142A
Ingleside Home
Emma Medlock  Inmate FW 15 S 0/0 NY UNK NY

1910 MATTICK JOHN G Erie County NY Buffalo Ward-21 212A
John G Mattick  Head MW 47 M 25 years CT GER GER Foreman-Dry Dock
Mary            Wife FW 44 M     1/1  NY IRE IRE
Walter L        Son  MW 22 S          NY CT CAN

1910 MATTICK ALBERT Erie County NY Buffalo Ward-25 144B
Erie County Penitentiary
Albert Mattick  Head MW 45 S NY GER GER Laborer- Photograph Gallery


1910 MATLIK JOHN Essex County NY Moriah 95A
John Matlik  Boarder MW 26 S AUS AUS AUS Machine Helper-Iron mine
Enumerated with Martin Hebul


1910 MATTACK FRANK Fulton County NY Bleecker 8B
Frank Mattack  Head  MW 38 M 25 years NY NY NY Laborer
Cora           Wife  FW 39 M  2/2     NY NY NY
James Newkirk  F/Law MW 73 Wd         NY NY NY


1910 MALLCOK CHRISTA Genesee County NY Bergen 3B
Christa Mallock  Head FW 81 S NY NY NY None

1910 MULLOCK EDWIN Genesee County NY Le Roy 247A
Edwin Mallock  Lodger MW 49 S NY NY NY Contractor-Odd jobs
Enumerated with Michael L Lally

1910 MULLOCK STEVEN Genesee County NY Le Roy 254A
Steven Mullock  Lodger MW 25 S RUS RUS RUS Packer-Cold storage
Enumerated with Agnazio Alsibird

1910 MATTACK PETER Genesee County NY Oakfield 95A
Peter Mallack   Head    MW 33 M 8 years   AUS AUS AUS Laborer-Gypsum mine (1906,Al)
Josephine       Wife    FW 26 M   3/3     AUS AUS AUS                     (1908)
John            Son     MW  6 S           AUS AUS AUS                     (1908)
Joseph          Son     MW  2 S           NY AUS AUS
Mary            Dau     FW 3/12 S         NY AUS AUS
Frank Mattack   Brother MW 25 S           AUS AUS AUS Laborer-Gypsum mine (1907,Al)
Joseph Mattack  Brother MW 35 M 10 years  AUS AUS AUS Laborer-Gypsum mine (1906,Al)


1910 MALLOCK WILLIAM Herkimer County NY Herkimer 86A
William Mallock  Head MW 30 S NY NY NY Labor-Rail road


1910 MATTOCK MAY Jefferson County NY Watertown Ward-4 212B
Albert Brigham   Head  MW 34 M 11 years IRE IRE IRE Brick Layer-For contractor (1909,Al)
Isabella         Wife  FW 32 M   2/1    IRE IRE IRE                            (1909)
Violet           Dau   FW  9 S          IRE IRE IRE                            (1909)
May Mattock      Niece FW 13 S          IRE IRE IRE                            (1909)


1910 MATLOCK LIZZIE A Kings County NY Brooklyn Ward-1 16A
Lizzie A Matlock  Lodger FW 63 Wd 2/1 NJ NJ NJ Own account

1910 MATLOCK JOHN B Kings County NY Brooklyn Ward-6 120B
John B Matlock  Head   MW 71 Wd  NJ NJ NJ  Engineer-Marine
Clara L Rozlay  St/Dau FW 48 S   NY AUS NY Maker-Musical Instrum
Lillie Philips   Aunt  FW 68 Wd  NY CT NY  Nurse-Family

1910 MALLOCK TRONK Kings County NY Brooklyn Ward-6 218A
Tronk Mallock  Head   MW 22 M 1 year Italy ITA ITA Labor-Longshore (1903,Al)
Kesy           Wife   FW 20 M        ITA ITA ITA                   (1904)
Angeline       Sister FW 19 S        ITA ITA ITA

1910 MULLOCK JOE Kings County NY Brooklyn Ward-6 220B
Joe Mullock  Head MW 54 M 29 years Italy ITA ITA Street Orgon-On street (1885,Al)
Rosy         Wife FW 48 M   5/2    ITA ITA ITA                          (1887,Al)
Tony         Son  MW  8 S          NY ITA ITA
Rosela       Dau  FW  9 S          NY ITA ITA

1910 MALLOCK JAMES M Kings County NY Brooklyn Ward-7 266A
James M Medlock  Head MW 58 M 39 years SCOT SCOT SCOT Sexton-Church (1887,Na)
Grace M          Wife FW 57 M   8/3    SCOT SCOT SCOT               (1883)
Janette M        Dau  FW 21 S          NY SCOT SCOT

1910 MATLOCK MABEL Kings County NY Brooklyn Ward-7 291A
Mable Matlock Head   FW 36 Wd  NY NY SCOT
Ethel         Dau    FW 12 S   PA NY NY
Oscar Bradley Father MW 67 Wd  NY NY NY Gateman-Steamship Co
Emma Reynold  Sister FW 39 Wd  NY NY SCOT Adjuster-Dept Store

1910 MALLACK ANTONIO Kings County NY Brooklyn Ward-9 174B
John Gorsky      Head MW 50 M 27 years GER GER GER Decorator-Buttons (1881,Na)
Augusta          Wife FW 55 M2   8/6   GER GER GER                   (1873)
Antonio Mallack  Son  MW 33 S          NY GER GER Clerk-Book Co
Charles Gorsky   Son  MW 21 S          NY GER GER Plumber-Building
William Groseky  Son  MW 19 S          NY GER GER Clerk-Dry goods

1910 MATLOCK CHANCEY Kings County NY Brooklyn Ward-9 210A
Kate H Matlock  Boarder FW 41 M 0/0     NY NY NY
Chancy          Boarder MW 41 M 8 years NY NJ US Engineer-Mechanical

1910 MALLOCK ELIZABETH Kings County NY Brooklyn Ward-10 67B
Dugald Quill       Head  MW 74 Wd 50    SCOT SCOT SCOT Print Cutter- Paper House (1867,Na)
Elizabeth Mallock  Dau   FW 35 Wd 9 1/1 NY SCOT SCOT
John D             G/Son MW  7 S        NY SCOT NY

1910 MATTOCKS GEORGE KingD County NY Brooklyn Ward-20 259B
George Mattocks  Head MB 47 M 25 years NC NC NC Steward-Co
Mary             Wife FB 44 M   1/1    NC NC NC

1910 MALLOCK JANE Kings County NY Brooklyn Ward-22 149B
Jane Mallock  Boarder FW 19 S AUS AUS AUS Laborer-Factory (1901,Al)
Enumerated with Mary Gregorkiewicz

1910 MALLICK HELEN Kings County NY Brooklyn Ward-24 283A
St Joseph’s Institute for Improved Instruction of Deaf Mutes
Helen Mallick  Pupil FW 12 S OH NY OH

1910 MATTACK LEONARD Kings County NY Brooklyn Ward-25 264A
Leonard Mattack  Head MW 42 M 16 years GER GER GER Baker-Bread  (1900,Na)
Frances          Wife FW 43 M    1/0   GER GER GER              (1900)

1910 METLUCK MAX Kings County NY Brooklyn Ward-26 53A
Max Metluck     Head  MW 28 M 8 years RUS RUS RUS Carpenter-Building (1906,Al)
Zelata          Wife  FW 29 M   3/3   RUS RUS RUS                    (1907)
Morris          Son   MW  6 S         RUS RUS RUS                    (1907)
Mary            Dau   FW  4 S         RUS RUS RUS                    (1907)
Percy           Son   MW  2 S         NY RUS RUS
Mary Lifschutz  S/Law FW 20 S         RUS RUS RUS  Broom factory     (1907)
Celia Lifschutz S/Law FW 18 S         RUS RUS RUS Broom factory      (1907)

1910 MEDLOCK LOUIS Kings County NY Brooklyn Ward-26 62A
Louis Medlock  Head    MW 48 M 27 years RUS RUS RUS Carpenter-Shop (1907,Al)
Anna           Wife    FW 44 M   9/7    RUS RUS RUS                (1907,Al)
Morris         Son     MW 22 S          RUS RUS RUS Tailor-Shop    (1907,Al)
Mary           Dau     FW 16 S          RUS RUS RUS                (1907)
Mayer          Son     MW 14 S          RUS RUS RUS                (1907)
Abram          Son     MW 12 S          RUS RUS RUS                (1907)
Rachael        Dau     FW  7 S          RUS RUS RUS                (1907)
Jacob          Son     MW  5 S          RUS RUS RUS                (1907)
Sam            Brother MW 27 M 8 years  RUS RUS RUS Carpenter-shop (1910,Al)

1910 MEDLICK MICHAEL Kings County NY Brooklyn Ward-26 168A
Michael Medlick  Head MW 35 M 15 years AUS AUS AUS Machinist-Machine shop (1890,Na)
Annie            Wife FW 39 M   6/4    AUS AUS AUS (1890)
Michael          Son  MW 14 S          PA AUS AUS
Mary             Dau  FW  9 S          PA AUS AUS
Annie            Dau  FW  7 S          PA AUS AUS
Maggie           Dau  FW  5 S          PA AUS AUS

1910 MOLLOCK JOSEPHINE Kings County NY Brooklyn Ward-30 5B
Josephine Mollock  Servant FW 18 S AUS AUS AUS Servant (1909)
Enumerated with Daniel Smith


1910 MULLOCK JEAN C Livingston County NY Caledonia 47A
Jean C Mullock       Head   FW 62 S      NY SCOT NY Own income
Mary E               Sister FW 54 S      NY SCOT NY Own income
Katherine Armstrong  Sister FW 59 Wd 0/0 NY SCOT NY Own income

1910 MALLOCK JAMES C Livingston County NY Caledonia 61B
James C Mallock  Head   MW 58 S      NY SCOT NY Farmer
Katherine Clapp  Sister FW 66 Wd 2/2 NY SCOT NY

1910 MATTOCKS ADELAIDE Livingston County NY Mt Morris 208B
Adelaide Mattocks  Head FW 65 Wd 0/0 MI VT VT None


1910 MALLOCK CATHARINE Monore County NY Greece 213B
Catharine Mallock  Head FW 72 S NY NY NY Farmer

1910 MALLOCK CATHARINE Monore County NY Riga 320A
Catharine Mallock    Head   FW 67 Wd 5/2 NY NY NY Own Income
Elizabeth McPherson  Sister FW 65 Wd 1/0 NY NY NY Own Income

1910 MALLACK MARY Monroe County NY Rochester Ward-5 85B
Mary Mallack  Boarder FW 55 Wd 6/4 GER GER GER Own income
Mary C        Boarder FW 46 S      NY GER GER Own income
Enumerated with John Hart

1910 MALLICK SAM Monroe County NY Rochester Ward-8 4A
Sam Mallick  Head MW 30 M 11 years Turkey TUR TUR Laborer-Street work (1901,Pa)
Tillie       Wife FW 30 M   1/1    TUR TUR TUR                        (1908)
George       Son  MW  8 S          TUR TUR TUR                        (1908)

1910 MALLOCK JOHN C Monore County NY Wheatland 263B
John C Mallock  Head    MW 47 S      NY SCOT NY Farmer
Luncon          Brother MW 45 S      NY SCOT NY Foreman-Plaster mill
F Edson         Brother MW 41 S      NY SCOT NY Laborer-Plaster mill
Carrie M Price  Sister  FW 54 Wd 2/2 NY SCOT NY
Carl E Price    Nephew  MW 18 S      IA NY NY


1910 MATTOKS RUFUS Nassau County NY Hempstead District 10 209B
Rufus Mattoks  Head MB 27 M 2 years NC NC NC Ceaonneda-Private Family
Josephine      Wife FB 20 M   1/1   NC NC NC
Edna           Dau  FB 1-1/12 S     NY NC NC


1910 MATTLACK WILLIAMS New York County NY Bronx District 30 8B
Williams Mattlack  Boarder MW 22 S AUS AUS AUS Machinist-Magnets works (1904,Al)
Enumerated with John Gottstein

1910 MATLOCK ALICE E New York County NY Bronx District 32 248B
Alice E Matlock  Head FW 54 D 1/1 IN NC VT Income
Pearl            Dau  FW 34 S     CA IN IN Stenographer-Office

1910 MOLLICK ROSE New York County NY Bronx District 34 175B
Rose Mollick  Servant FW 21 S BOH BOH BOH Servant (1904)
Enumerated with Solomon Branowitch

1910 MATTOCKS ROSA New York County NY Bronx District 34 239B
Frederika Serini   Head  FW 61 Wd    7/3       GER GER GER
Henry O            Son   MW 35 S               NY GER GER Policeman-City
George J           Son   MW 28 Wd              NY GER GER Motorman-Street Railway
Rosa Mattocks      Dau   FW 30 M 10 years 3/2  NY GER GER
Leoni              G/Dau FW  9 S               NY SCOT NY
Ralph              G/Son MW  7 S               NY SCOT NY

1910 MATLOCK FRANCIS New York County NY Bronx District 34 288A
Henry E Rohde    Head  MW 25 M 11 years NY GER GER Policeman-City
Mary A           Wife  FW 25 M    1/1   NY GER GER
Mildred          Dau   FW 2/12 S        NY NY NY
Francis Matlock  M/Law FW 65 Wd   9/2   GER GER GER                    (1881)
Rose E           S/Law FW 22 S          NY GER GER Bander-Cigar factory

1910 MOLLOCK CHRISTINA New York County NY Manhattan Ward-9 234A
Christina Mollock  Servant FW 62 Wd 2/0 GER GER GER Cook (1869)
Enumerated with John OBrein

1910 MALLACK MARY New York County NY Manhattan Ward-11 106A
Mary Mallack  Servant FW 49 Wd HUN HUN HUN Servant (1909)
Enumerated with David Gillest

1910 MALLOCK ABRAHAM New York County NY Manhattan Ward-11 149A
Abraham Mallock  Head  MW 38 M 15 years AUS AUS AUS Jeweler-peddler        (1900,Pa)
Schewa           Wife  FW 37 M   4/4    AUS AUS AUS                        (1904)
Joseph           Son   MW 14 S          AUS AUS AUS                        (1904)
Mary             Dau   FW 12 S          AUS AUS AUS                        (1904)
Samuel           Son   MW 10 S          AUS AUS AUS                        (1904)
Rachel           Dau   FW 6/12 S        NY AUS AUS
Edward Spiegel   B/Law MW 34 M 11 years AUS AUS AUS Nushauer-Leather       (1906,Pa)
Louis Spiegel    B/Law MW 27 S          AUS AUS AUS Salesman-Gents furring (1904,Pa)

1910 MOLLOCK JOHN New York County NY Manhattan Ward-12 4A
John Mollock  Lodger MW 60 S FRA IRE IRE Foreman
Enumerated with Michael Smith

1910 MATTOCKS ANDROSE New York County NY Manhattan Ward-12 35A
Androse Mattocks  Head MW 58 M2 4 years SCOT SCOT SCOT Plumber-Store (1868,Na)
Elizabeth         Wife FW 37 M   2/2    SCOT SCOT SCOT               (1878)
William A D       Son  MW 11 S          NY SCOT SCOT
Rachel R L        Dau  FW  3 S          NY SCOT SCOT
Hazel H           Dau  FW 20/12 S       NY SCOT SCOT

1910 MATLACK THOMAS New York County NY Manhattan Ward-12 87B
Thomas Matlack  Head MW 54 M 16 years PA PA PA Inspector-Gas Co
Alice           Wife FW 45 M   2/2    NY NY ENG
Myrtle          Dau  FW 14 S          NY PA NY
Irving          Son  MW 12 S          NY PA NY Newsboy-Street

1910 MALLICK CHARLES G New York County NY Manhattan Ward-12 115A
Hester E Mallick Head    FW 56 M   1/1    NJ NY NY
Charles G        Husband MW 57 M 35 years NJ GER GER Importer-Diamonds
Jemima Huffan    Mother  FW 78 Wd  3/2    NY  NY NY
Walter Mallick   Son     MW 33 M 3 years  NJ NJ NJ   Importer-Diamonds
Florence         D/Law   FW 29 M   0/0    NJ NJ NJ

1910 MATLOCKS BARBER J New York County NY Manhattan Ward-12 143A
Barber J Matlocks  Head MW 47 M 23 years VT VT VT Clerk-Typewriter Co
Lulu E             Wife FW 47 M   1/1    VT VT VT
William S          Son  MW 20 S          VT VT VT Bookkeeper-Bank

1910 MEDLICK PAULINE New York County NY Manhattan Ward-12 149B
Pauline Medlick  Servant FW 25 M 5 years 0/0 HUN HUN HUN Maid
Enumerated with Joe Wither

1910 MATLAK STEPHEN New York County NY Manhattan Ward-12 194B
Stephen Matlak  Head MW 62 M2 12 years AUS AUS AUS Carpenter-House (1885,Na)
Betty           Wife FW 48 M2    0/0   AUS AUS AUS                 (1898)

1910 MALLACK KATIE New York County NY Manhattan Ward-12 260B
Katie Mallack  Servant FW 22 S RUS RUS RUS Servant (1907)
Enumerated with Joseph Fine

1910 MALLACK SAM New York County NY Manhattan Ward-17 136B
Leopold Drambud  Head  MW 58 M 32 years AUS AUS AUS Proprietor-Bath           (1875,Na)
Hannah           Wife  FW 50 M  1/0     AUS AUS AUS Proprietor-Bath           (1888)
Sam Mallack      B/Law MW 25 S          AUS AUS AUS Retail Merchant-Dry goods (1903,Pa)
Charlie Mallack  B/Law MW 27 S          AUS AUS AUS Retail Merchant-Dry goods (1897,Na)

1910 MATTICK WALTER L New York County NY Manhattan Ward-18 16B
Walter L Mattick  Lodger MW 24 Wd NY CT NY Merchant
Enumerated with Minnie Coryeel

1910 MADLOCK MINNIE New York County NY Manhattan Ward-18 20B
Minnie Madlock  Servant FW 16 S HUN HUN HUN Chambermaid-Hotel (1906)
Enumerated with Samuel Glanby

1910 MOLLOCK ANNIE New York County NY Manhattan Ward-18 122B
Annie Mollock  Servant FW 20 S GER GER GER House work (1906)
Enumerated with Henry Siemass

1910 MATLACK ANNA New York County NY Manhattan Ward-19 17B
Anna Matlack  Head FW 34 M 6 years 1/1 AUS AUS AUS Cigar maker-Factory (1892)
Joseph        Son  MW  6 S             NY AUS AUS

1910 MADLIK BARBARA New York County NY Manhattan Ward-19 26A
Barbara Madlik  Head FW 61 Wd 4/1 AUS AUS AUS (1881)
Emanuel         Son  MW 28 S      AUS AUS AUS Steam Engine

1910 MATTOCK ELIZABETH New York County NY Manhattan Ward-19 40A
Elizabeth Mattock  Servant FW 54 S ENG ENG ENG Waitress-Private family (1884)
Enumerated with Beatrice Dunham

1910 MADLOCK WALTER H New York County NY Manhattan Ward-19 63A
Walter H Madlock  Head MW 33 M 5 years NY ENG ENG Servant-Hotel
Ellen             Wife FW 30 M  2/2    NY ENG ENG
Gertrude          Dau  FW  3 S         NY ENG ENG
Gladys            Dau  FW  1-6/12 S    NY ENG ENG

1910 MATLACK ALBERT New York County NY Manhattan Ward-19 117B
Albert Matlack  Head MW 48 M 14 years AUS AUS AUS Shoe maker-House    (1906,Al)
Mary            Wife FW 41 M   2/2    AUS AUS AUS Cigar maker-Factory (1906)
Julie           Dau  FW 13 S          AUS AUS AUS                     (1906)
Milton          Son  MW 11 S          AUS AUS AUS                     (1906)

1910 MOLLOCK SUSAN New York County NY Manhattan Ward-19 179B
Susan Mollock  Servant FW 24 S HUN HUN HUN Servant (1906)
Enumerated with Victer Lowenberg

1910 MATTACK FRANK New York County NY Manhattan Ward-19 223A
Frank Mattack  Head MW 36 M 17 years AUS AUS AUS Cigar factory  (1893,Al)
Elisabeth      Wife FW 36 M   0/0    AUS AUS AUS                (1893)

1910 MEDLICK THEODORE New York County NY Manhattan Ward-19 234A
Theodore Medlick  Head MW 45 M 18 years GER GER GER Druggist-Drug store (1889,Na)
Hedwig            Wife FW 45 M2  2/2    GER GER GER                     (1884)
Getrude           Dau  FW 23 S          NY GER GER Druggist-Drug store
Alexander         Son  MW 16 S          NY GER GER Druggist-Drug store

1910 MATLACK JOHN New York County NY Manhattan Ward-19 259B
John Matlack  Head MW 60 M 35 years AUS AUS AUS Cigar maker-Factory  (1882,Al)
Anna          Wife FW 56 M  8/5     AUS AUS AUS Cigar maker-Factory  (1882)
Annastasie    Dau  FW 22  S         NY AUS AUS Packer-Cigarette Co
Ludwig        Son  MW 16 S          NY AUS AUS Office Boy-Automobile Co

1910 MALLOCK JOHN New York County NY Manhattan Ward-22 74A
John Mallock  Head MW 35 M 4 years GER GER GER Butcher-Retail (1897,Pa)
Anna          Wife FW 24 M    0/0  AUS GER GER                (1900)

1910 MATTLACK MATTY New York County NY Manhattan Ward-22 94B
Matty Mattlack  Boarder MW  48 M 16 years AUS AUS AUS Rigger-Builder (1897,Al)
Enumerated with Andrew Arstich

1910 MALLICK HENRY J New York County NY Manhattan Ward-22 126B
Henry J Mallick  Head MW 32 M 9 years NY NY NY Proprietor-Delicatessen
Carry L          Wife FW 39 M   4/3   NY GER GER
Matilda          Dau  FW  6 S         NY NY NY
Henry            Son  MW  5 S         NY NY NY
Louise           Dau FW 1/12 S        NY NY NY

1910 MATTICKS ANNA M New York County NY Manhattan Ward-22 136A
Anna M Matticks  Servant FW 22 S GER GER GER Domestic Servant (1907)
Enumerated with Luise E Nicholson


1910 MADLOCK MIKE Onondaga County NY Syracuse Ward-5 111A
Mike Madlock  Head MW 48 M 32 years Italy ITA ITA Laborer-City
Marie A       Wife FW 45 M   3/3    ITA ITA ITA
Tang          Son  MW 20 S          ITA ITA ITA Laborer-City
Frank         Son  MW 13 S          ITA ITA ITA
Fannie        Dau  FW  9 S          ITA ITA ITA


1910 MATTOCKS FRED Orange County NY Newburgh Ward-4 194B
Fred Mattocks  Head MW 43 M2 13 years ENG ENG ENG Spinner-Cotton Mill
Annie          Wife FW 40 M    5/2    ENG ENG ENG
Annie          Dau  FW 10 S           Fall River MA ENG ENG
William        Son  MW  7 S           MA ENG ENG

1910 MALLICK FRED Orange County NY Newburg Ward-6 280B
Fred Mallick  Head MW 30 M 7 years NY NY NY Conductor-Street railroad
Francies      Wife FW 31 M   2/2   NY NY NY
Leone         Dau FW  5 S          NY NY NY
Aloes         Dau FW 4/12 S        NY NY NY

1910 MALLOCK MORRIS Orange County NY Port Jervis Ward-2 143A
Walter I Myer     Head MW 33 M 10 years NY US US Contractor-Builder
Irene S           Wife FW 40 M2         NY NY NY
Morris L Mallock  Son  MW 26 S          NY NY NY Carpenter
Violet H Mallock  Dau  FW 24 S          NY NY NY Nurse


1910 MADLICK LOUIS Queens County NY Queens Ward-1 262A
Louis Madlick  Head MW 38 M 12 years AUS AUS AUS Carpenter (1881,Al)
Anna           Wife FW 39 M   3/3    AUS AUS AUS           (1892)
Louise         Dau  FW 11 S          NY AUS AUS
Otto           Son  MW  9 S          NY AUS AUS
Rudolph        Son  MW  3 S          NY AUS AUS

1910 MADLICK BARBARA Queens County NY Queens Ward-1 262A
John Madlick  Head MW 72 Wd     AUS AUS AUS Own Income                 (1881,Al)
Barbara       Dau  FW 49 Wd 1/0 AUS AUS AUS Cigar Roller-Cigar factory (1881)

1910 MALLICK PAUL Queens County NY Queens Ward-3 153B
Paul Mallick  Head MW 24 M 0/12 months RUS RUS RUS Laborer-Construction (1907,Al)
Eva           Wife FW 25 M    0/0      RUS RUS RUS                      (1905)


1910 MATTOCKS HENRY H Rensselaer County NY Nassau 183A
Henry H Mattocks  Boarder MW 27 S SCOT SCOT SCOT Sawyer
Enumerated with Ralph C Hyde


1910 MALLICK ANDREW Richmond County NY Richmond Ward-2 6A
Henry C Maller  Head  MW 63 M 40 years GER GER GER Laborer-Highway (1871,Na)
Mary            Wife  FW 59 M   11/8   NY GER GER
George          Son   MW 22 S          NY GER NY
Anna            Dau   FW 29 S          NY GER NY
William         Son   MW 13 S          NY GER NY
Mary            G/Dau FW  5 S          NY NY NY
Henry           G/Son MW  3 S          NY NY NY
Andrew Mallick  F/Law MW 81 Wd         GER GER GER                 (1850,Na)

1910 MALLICK MARY Richmond County NY Richmond Ward-2 26B
Mary Mallick  Servant FW 52 Wd 22 years 5/3 NY IRE IRE
Enumerated with Arthur H Farlor

1910 MULLICK MICHAEL Richmond County NY Richmond Ward-4 233B
Michael Mullick  Head MW 63 M2 7 years NY GER GER Watchman-City water works
Frances K        Wife FW 28 M    3/3   NY GER GER
Grace H          Dau  FW  5 S          NY NY NY
Frances M        Dau  FW  4 S          NY NY NY
George D         Son  MW  2 S          NY NY NY

1910 MATLOCK ANNIE Richmond County NY Richmond Ward-4 282A
Annie Matlock  Servant FW 17 S PA HUN HUN Servant-Private Family
Enumerated with Alfred O Ingram


1910 MATLOCK MARY Schenectady County NY Rotterdam 242A
Mary Matlock  Head FW 57 M 26 years 3/2 NY NY NY Farmer

1910 MATLOCK NEAL Schenectady County NY Rotterdam 288B
Neal Matlock  Hired man MW 16 S NY NY NY Laborer-Farm
Enumerated with James H Wegner

1910 MATTOCK WILLIAM Schenectady County NY Schenectady Ward-2 149A
William Mattock  Lodger MW 36 S VT VT MA Engineer-Electrical
Enumerated with Ira Bracewell

1910 MATTOCKS EBENEZER Schenectady County NY Schenectady Ward-4 251B
Ebenezer Mattocks  Lodger MW 31 S SCOT SCOT SCOT Machinist
Enumerated with Amelia Neall

1910 MATTOCK ROBERT Schenectady County NY Schenectady Ward-6 52A
Robert Mattock  Head  MW 45 M 25 years ENG ENG ENG Janitor-School (1887,Na)
Anna            Wife  FW 45 M   6/3    ENG ENG ENG
Henry J         Son   MW 20 S          NY ENG ENG Craftsman-Locomotive Co
Bessie M        Dau   FW 18 S          NY ENG ENG
Daley           Dau   FW 10 S          NY ENG ENG
Charles Russ    F/Law MW 75 Wd         ENG ENG ENG                (1887,Na)

1910 MATTOCK HARRY Schenectady County NY Schenectady Ward-6 63B
Harry Mattock    Head  MW 29 M 1 year ENG ENG ENG Electrician-Electric Co (1903,Pa)
Henrietta E      Wife  FW 31 M        NY ENG ENG
Joseph S Reding  B/Law MW 18 S        NY ENG ENG

1910 MATTOCK FREDRICK Schenectady County NY Schenectady Ward-11 129A
Fredrick Mattock  Head MW 39 M 14 years ENG ENG ENG Crane Man-Electrical Co (1893,Na)
Elizabeth         Wife FW 38 M   0/0    NY ENG ENG

1910 MULLICK PATRICK Schenectady County NY Schenectady Ward-13 284B
Patrict Mullick  Head MW 62 M 39 years     IRE IRE IRE Boiler maker-G E Works (1873,Na)
Am               Wife FW 58 M   8/8        NY IRE IRE
Mary Danzell     Dau  FW 36 M 15 years 1/1 NY IRE NY   Mill hand-Cotton mill
Nellie Kennedy   Dau  FW 35 Wd  2/2        NY IRE NY
John Mullick     Son  MW 32 M 13 years     NY IRE NY
Kathren Smith    Dau  FW 33 D   2/2        NY IRE NY
Francis Mullick  Son  MW 25 M 1 year       NY IRE NY   Salesman-Dept store
Margret          Dau  FW 21 S              NY IRE NY   Coil Winde-G E Works
William          Son  MW 16 S              NY IRE NY   Coil Winde-G E Works
Elex             Son  MW 14 S              NY IRE NY
Elex Smith       Son  MW  7 S              NY NY NY


1910 MEDLOCK ELIZABETH Seneca County NY Covert 2A
Elizabeth Medlock  Head FW 78 Wd 7/4 IRE IRE IRE Own income (1849)

1910 MEDLOCK MORRIS C Seneca County NY Covert 2A
Morris C Medlock  Head MW 40 M 18 years NY ENG ENG Dealer-Coal
Elida M           Wife FW 39 M   3/2    NY NY NY
Jannet E          Dau  FW 14 S          NY NY NY
Mary L            Dau  FW  7 S          NY NY NY

1910 MEDLOCK FRED Seneca County NY Covert 17A
Fred Medlock  Head MW 44 M 25 years NY ENG ENG Farmer
Carrie E      Wife FW 44 M   5/4    NY NY NY
Minnie        Dau  FW 22 S          NY NY NY
Lana H        Dau  FW 18 S          NY NY NY

1910 MEDLOCK HIRAM Seneca County NY Covert 20B
Hiram Medlock  Head MW 28 M 3 years NY ENG ENG Laborer-Fruit farm
Emma           Wife FW 19 M   1/1   NY NY NY
Gordon         Son  MW 1-4/12 S     NY NY NY

1910 MEDLOCK ROBERT Seneca County NY Lodi 63B
Robert Medlock  Head  MW 60 M 36 years ENG ENG ENG Farmer (1872,Na)
Mary            Wife  FW 58 M   6/4    ENG ENG ENG        (1862)
Louisa          G/Dau FW  9 S          ENG ENG ENG        (1901)

1910 MATTOCKS MARY Seneca County NY Ovid 97A
Willard State Hospital  in Town of Ovid
Mary Mattocks  Patient FW 52 S ENG UNK UNK None-Hospital


1910 MULLOCK GABRIEL L Tioga County NY Baron 4B
Gabriel L Mullock Head    MW 69 M2 37 NY NY NY
Margaret F        Wife    FW 59 M     NY NY NY
Coe Mullock       Brother MW 64 S     NY NY NY Merchant-Store

1910 MULLOCK ELIZABETH Tioga County NY Baron 31B
Elizabeth Mullock  Head FW 53 Wd 3/3 NY NY NY
Frank              Son  MW 27 S      NY NY NY Fitter-Strain pipe
Clara              Dau  FW 25 S      NY NY NY
David              Son  MW 19 S      NY NY NY Laborer-Furniture factory

1910 MULLOCK FRANCIS A Tioga County NY Baron 59A
Francis A Mullock  Head  FW 68 Wd   4/4   NJ NJ NJ
Anna Tozer         Dau   FW 35 M 0/blank  NY NY NY
Bert R Tozer       S/Law MW 39 M 4 years RUS RUS RUS


1910 MEDLOCK HARRY T Tompkins County NY Ithaca Ward-5 182A
Harry T Medlock  Head MW 30 M 5 years NY NY NY Conductor-Street RR
Helen            Wife FW 29 M  1/1    NY NJ NY
Heliene          Dau  FW  4 S         NY NY NY


1910 MALLOCK LOUISE K Ulster County NY Lloyd 155A
Lucius K Mallock  Head  MW 64 M 24 years NY NY NY Florist
Mary D            Wife  FW 55 M   0/0    NY NY NY
Lettie Bruyn      S/Law FW 57 D   1/1    NY NY NY

1910 MATTICK JOZE Ulster County NY Olive 15A
Joze Mattick  Boarder MW 18 S AUS AUS AUS Laborer-Construction (1907)
Enumerated with Gutih Delmireno

1910 MATTICK GEORGE Ulster County NY Olive 15A
George Mattick  Boarder MW 27 M 9 years AUS AUS AUS Laborer-Construction (1909,Al)
Enumerated with Gutih Delmireno


1910 MADLOCK MICHAEL A Washington County NY Argyle 1B
Patrick Minogue    Head  MW 35 M 12 years VT IRE NY Laborer-Slate quarry
Margaret           Wife  FW 35 M    3/3   VT IRE IRE
Mary               Dau   FW 11 S          NY VT VT
August             Son   MW  7 S          NY VT VT
Julia              Dau   FW  5 S          NY VT VT
Michael A Madlock  B/Law MW 39 Wd         VT IRE IRE Black Smith-Slate quarry
Mary               Niece FW  5 S          CO VT NY


1910 MATLOCK MAUD Wayne County NY Arcadia Newark Village 28B
NY State Custodial Asylum
Maud Matlock  Patient FW 26 S NY UNK UNK


1910 MOLLOCK EVELYN Westchester County NY Greenburgh 174A
Evelyn Mollock  Servant FW 26 S NY NY NY Servant
Enumerated with Robert N Knapp

1910 MEDLOCK HARRY Westchester County NY Harrison 169A 
Harry Medlock  Head MW 37 M 18 years ENG ENG ENG Coachman-Private family (1888,Pa)
Sadie          Wife FW 43 M    3/3   Sweden SWE SWE                      (1888)
Walter         Son  MW 16 S          NY ENG SWE
Harold         Son  MW 13 S          NY ENG SWE
Harriet        Dau  FW 10 S          NY ENG SWE

1910 MALLICK PETER Westchester County NY Mt Pleasant Ward-2 33A
Peter Mallick  Head MW 43 M 9 years AUS AUS AUS Laborer-Mobile (1887,Pa)
Mary           Wife FW 31 M  3/3    AUS AUS AUS                (1900)
John           Son  MW  8 S         NY AUS AUS
Mary           Dau  FW  3 S         NY AUS AUS
Annie          Dau  FW  1 S         NY AUS AUS

1910 MATTOCK HELEN Westchester County NY Ossining 166A
Helen Mattock  Head FW 52 Wd 3/2 ENG ENG ENG
Charles H      Son  MW 32 S      NY NY ENG Bookkeeper-Railroad 
Edward B       Son  MW 27 S      NY NY ENG Machinist-Auto Factory

1910 MATTOCK WILLIAM Westchester County NY Pleasantville Ward-6 66B
William Mattock  Boarder MW 58 S NY NY NY Plumber-Hardware store
Enumerated with William H Huff

1910 MATLOCK JOHN Westchester County NY Yonkers Ward-6 141A
John Matlock  Boarder MW 19 S NY HUN HUN Carper Mill
Enumerated with Mary Frank


Updated May 2008